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Add a LidForceSleep property to ensure that we don't melt any laptops
We still need to add the DMI quirks, but I'm waiting for the community to supply them now.
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@@ -304,6 +304,24 @@ method return sender=:1.386 -> dest=:1.451 reply_serial=2
+ <property name="LidForceSleep" type="b" access="read">
+ <doc:doc>
+ <doc:description>
+ <doc:para>
+ If the system really has to sleep when the lid is closed.
+ Some laptops actually melt (!) if the lid is closed and the
+ computer keeps running. We blacklist those, and do something
+ sane for the other machines.
+ </doc:para>
+ <doc:para>
+ This allows us to set the default session policy to not
+ suspend on lid close if the laptop is docked, and be sure
+ the machine is not going to melt.
+ </doc:para>
+ </doc:description>
+ </doc:doc>
+ </property>
<property name="IsDocked" type="b" access="read">