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Released DeviceKit-power 011DeviceKit-power-011
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+Version 011
+Released: 2009-10-06
+ - The DBus interface of DeviceKit-power may be subject to change in future
+ versions of this daemon.
+ - The DBus interface has changed to use FirstLetterCaps property names
+ so Qt projects can use the DBus interface without resorting to ugly hacks.
+New Features:
+ - Return meaningful errors if the user tries to suspend or hibernate without
+ kernel support or swap set up (Richard Hughes)
+ - Use the sysfs file 'type' to work out the battery type before using a
+ fallback (Enrico Zini, Richard Hughes)
+ - Update list of HID UPS devices (Arnaud Quette)
+ - Add backend code to make DeviceKit-power compile without GUdev for non-Linux
+ platforms (Richard Hughes)
+ - Only disable the polling if the kernel tells us we're fully charged, not if
+ we guessed it (Richard Hughes)
+ - Make the remove logic much cleaner to try to fix bugs where removing the
+ mouse kills the session (Richard Hughes)
+ - Fix up some small memory leaks (Richard Hughes)
+ - Freeze and thaw the device during initial coldplug (Richard Hughes)
+ - Fix up a few potential problems spotted by clang (Richard Hughes)
+ - Fix a tiny memory leak when we collect the properties from the interface
+ multiple times (Richard Hughes)
+ - Use voltage_now as a fallback to the design voltage (Enrico Zini, Richard Hughes)
Version 010
Released: 2009-07-22
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@@ -19,10 +19,9 @@ AC_SUBST(VERSION)
# increment;
# CURRENT If the API or ABI interface has changed (reset REVISION to 0)
# REVISION If the API and ABI remains the same, but bugs are fixed.
-# AGE If libpackagekit can be linked into executables which can be
-# built with previous versions of this library. Don't use.
+# AGE Don't use.