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RELEASE: Update notes on how to do releases
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@@ -2,37 +2,32 @@ UPower Release Notes
1. Write NEWS entries for UPower in the same format as usual.
-git shortlog UPOWER_0_99_7.. | grep -i -v trivial | grep -v Merge >
+git shortlog v0.99.14.. | grep -i -v trivial | grep -v Merge >
Version 0.99.8
Released: 2017-xx-xx
New Features:
-2. Commit changes to git:
+2. Commit changes to git (bump version in if needed):
-git commit -a -m "Released UPower 0.99.8"
-git tag -s -f -m "Released UPower 0.99.8" UPOWER_0_99_8
-git push --tags
-git push
+git branch -b <user>/v0.99.14
+git commit -a -m "Release 0.99.14"
-3. Generate the tarball:
+3. Run tests and try building a tarball
meson dist
-4. Upload tarball:
-scp *.tar.*
-5. Do post release version bump in
+4. Create an MR and merge it
+5. Tag the release
-6. Commit changes:
-git commit -a -m "trivial: post release version bump"
-git push
+git fetch origin
+git check master
+git evtag sign v0.99.14
+git push --tags
-7. Send an email to
+4. Paste the release notes into the tag information
+5. Optional: Do a post-release version bump \ No newline at end of file