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authorKrzysztof Klinikowski <>2010-05-15 19:15:17 +0200
committerKrzysztof Klinikowski <>2010-05-15 19:15:17 +0200
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Add a signature for the dbus.Array's in GetContactCapabilities.
This prevents me from getting: process 4592: Array or variant type requires that type uint32 be written, but end_dict_entry was written. The overall signature expected here was '' and we are on byte 386 of that signature. And: ERROR:dbus.service:Unable to append <The entire dbus message> to message with signature a{ua{sv}}: <type 'exceptions.ValueError'>: invalid literal for long() with base 10: 'org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Channel.Type.Text' from;a=commit;h=b38a35b08eaed2afb15fa878463e36405348d1c1
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diff --git a/sunshine/ b/sunshine/
index 40c1f78..f2421a9 100644
--- a/sunshine/
+++ b/sunshine/
@@ -90,11 +90,15 @@ class SunshineCapabilities(telepathy.server.ConnectionInterfaceCapabilities,
if 0 in handles:
raise telepathy.InvalidHandle('Contact handle list contains zero')
+ #a{ua(a{sv}as)}
ret = dbus.Dictionary({}, signature='ua(a{sv}as)')
for i in handles:
+ print i
handle = self.handle(telepathy.HANDLE_TYPE_CONTACT, i)
- ret[handle] = self._contact_caps[handle]
+ if handle in self._contact_caps:
+ ret[handle] = dbus.Array(self._contact_caps[handle], signature='(a{sv}as)')
+ else:
+ ret[handle] = []
return ret
def UpdateCapabilities(self, caps):