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- * Emit a signal when an account item is added to AccountsModel
- * Emit a signal on contact item when the caps get updated
+ * All model classes, with the exception of the conversation-related classes, have been removed from the repository
- * Report the connection status reason using the Connection object if possible
- * On connection invalidated, emit the connection status changed signal to make sure the account model item is updated
- * Add constructor to Tpy::ContactCapabilities so it can be really used
- * Revert returning UTF-8 for the contact alias and status messages strings
- * WARNING: optimization of flat model proxy, dataChanged signal is not hierarchical anymore after we found out it was quite expensive. You need to do explicit hierarchical changes.
- * Added hierarchicalDataChanged signal to Tpy::AccountsModel for explicit signalling of changes in account data affecting contacts data (expensive)
+ *
telepathy-qt4-yell 0.1.6 (2011-06-06)