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@@ -22,6 +22,9 @@ There are no command-line options.
If set, debug output will go to the given file rather than to stderr.
+If \fB+\fR is prepended to the \fIfilename\fR (e.g.
+\fBGABBLE_LOGFILE=+gabble.log\fR), debug output will be appended
+to the file; otherwise, any existing file will be replaced.
May be set to "all" for full debug output, or various undocumented options
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decimal integer. This corresponds to xs:unsignedInt in XML
Schema Part 2.</li>
<li>"int": A signed integer representable in 32 bits using two's
- complement. The corresponding D-Bus signature is 'i' or 'h' on input,
+ complement. The corresponding D-Bus signature is 'i' or 'n' on input,
'i' on output, and the element's character content is an ASCII
decimal integer, possibly starting with '-' or '+'. This corresponds
to xs:int in XML Schema Part 2.</li>