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Don't put initiator in MUC stream tube info
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--- a/docs/tubes.xml
+++ b/docs/tubes.xml
@@ -187,6 +187,8 @@
<x xmlns=''>
<tubes xmlns=''>
+ <!-- This D-Bus tube is still here from the first example -
+ it's not part of the stream tube -->
<tube type='dbus' initiator='darkcave@conf.macbeth.lit/FirstWitch'
service='lit.macbeth.BubblingCauldron' stream-id='12345'
id='54321' dbus-name=':2.U2Vjb25kIHdpdGNo'>
@@ -197,8 +199,11 @@
<parameter name='i' type='int'>-123</parameter>
- <tube type='stream' initiator='darkcave@conf.macbeth.lit/Second witch'
- service='webdav' id='666'>
+ <!-- This is the new stream tube. There is no initiator attribute
+ because the initiator is implicitly the participant whose presence
+ it's seen in -->
+ <tube type='stream' service='webdav' id='666'>
<parameter name='u' type='str'>anonymous</parameter>
<parameter name='p' type='str'>password</parameter>
@@ -219,6 +224,10 @@
The child element is <muc-stream> and not <stream> in order to
disambiguate between SI-based streams in a MUC Tubes channel, and
SI-based streams in a 1-1 channel between two members of a MUC.
+ The first witch MUST NOT copy the tube into her own presence
+ in this case - only the initiator should put stream tubes in their
+ presence, since stream tubes cannot continue after the initiator leaves.
<iq from='darkcave@conf.macbeth.lit/FirstWitch'
to='darkcave@conf.macbeth.lit/Second witch' type='set'>