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Add a summary of how tube caps work.
I just typed this out in an email, and thought it worth saving it somewhere. Reviewed-by: Jonny Lamb <>
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+Tubes are meant to allow arbitrary applications to communicate with your IM
+contacts. To know whether it's possible to start a StreamTube or DBusTube
+channel with a contact, we need to know whether they support tubes at all:
+Gabble advertises the capability ""
+(NS_TUBES) for that.
+But we also need to know whether, for example, Bob has an application that can
+handle VNC stream tubes (for Share My Desktop). At the XMPP level, that's
+implemented as advertising
+Gabble knows how to translate between this representation and the
+representation used on D-Bus.
+For XMPP → Telepathy, it translates
+"$foo" into the channel
+ { ChannelType: StreamTube,
+ StreamTube.Service: $foo,
+ }
+In the other direction, it looks through the channel classes passed to
+ContactCapabilities.UpdateCapabilities and performs the reverse translation to
+figure out what to advertise on XMPP.
+Mission Control calls UpdateCapabilities by basically concatenating every
+installed or running client's HandlerChannelFilter property. So if you have a
+client installed that says it can handle
+ { ChannelType: StreamTube,
+ StreamTube.Service: "vnc",
+ }
+MC relays that fact to Gabble, and Gabble can advertise the right
+Thus, Gabble doesn't need to know anything at all about the possible
+applications that can be built on tubes to be able to advertise support for