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committerSimon McVittie <>2012-03-23 14:11:13 +0000
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Avoid Wocky trying to install into --prefix=NONE
Bug: Reviewed-by: Jonny Lamb <>
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@@ -309,6 +309,13 @@ AM_CONDITIONAL([WANT_TWISTED_TESTS], test false != "$TEST_PYTHON")
# We have to run Wocky's configure *before* looking for it with PKG_CHECK_MODULES so wocky-uninstalled.pc has been generated
+# If you don't specify --prefix, it starts off as NONE. Autoconf
+# would normally do this defaulting for us later, but that's too
+# late to help Wocky.
+if test "x${prefix}" = "xNONE"; then
+ prefix=/usr/local
# We tell Wocky to install its headers alongside gabble's so that an actual
# separate Wocky installation won't clash with them. This is a bit of a hack.
# AX_CONFIG_DIR doesn't make it very easy to pass extra arguments to the