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2015-03-16fsckd: check if plymouth is running before attempting connectionDidier Roche1-1/+7
2015-03-16fsckd: Don't use strjoina on gettext() callDidier Roche1-2/+3
2015-03-10fsckd: clean up log messagesDidier Roche1-8/+3
Avoid double logs printing. Not that we don't return manager_update_global_progress() to the handler callback as if the console or plymouth isn't available momentarily, we still desire to handle future fd progress events if those are available again (like cancellation, reports…)
2015-03-10fsckd: Reduce the SAK window when writing to consoleDidier Roche1-27/+39
We don't want to keep /dev/console open all the time, but only open it when needed, to avoid interfering with SAK.
2015-02-18Add mock fsck processDidier Roche1-0/+27
2015-02-18Add man page and references to it.Didier Roche5-14/+189
Add man page explaining the plymouth theme protocol, usage of the daemon as well as the socket activation part. Adapt existing fsck man page.
2015-02-18Add fsckd service and socket, retarget systemd-fsckDidier Roche6-3/+38
systemd-fsckd can be socket-activated by systemd-fsck process. Reflect that in the different unit files.
2015-02-18Refresh po filesDidier Roche10-0/+111
Also, add new plymouth fsckd translated strings in french. Refreshed with "make update-po".
2015-02-18Translate fsckd messages for plymouthDidier Roche2-3/+8
For plymouth themes not supporting i18n (like .script), send translated messages to display to user, which is equivalent to the sent machine readable data.
2015-02-18Add gettext supportDidier Roche3-0/+11
2015-02-18Connect to plymouth and support cancellation of in progress fsckDidier Roche3-10/+173
Try to connect and send to plymouth (if running) some checked report progress, using direct plymouth protocole. Update message is the following: fsckd:<num_devices>:<progress>:<string> * num_devices corresponds to the current number of devices being checked (int) * progress corresponds to the current minimum percentage of all devices being checked (float, from 0 to 100) * string is a translated message ready to be displayed by the plymouth theme displaying the information above. It can be overriden by plymouth themes supporting i18n. Grab in fsckd plymouth watch key Control+C, and propagate this cancel request to systemd-fsck which will terminate fsck. Send a message to signal to user what key we are grabbing for fsck cancel. Message is: fsckd-cancel-msg:<string> Where string is a translated string ready to be displayed by the plymouth theme indicating that Control+C can be used to cancel current checks. It can be overriden (matching only fsckd-cancel-msg prefix) for themes supporting i18n.
2015-02-18systemd-fsck: always connect to systemd-fsckdDidier Roche2-11/+9
Remove the plymouth running or show-status checks from systemd-fsck. Instead, always connect to systemd-fsckd socket, and let this one decide if we display progress or not.
2015-02-18fsckd daemon for inter-fsckd communicationDidier Roche6-57/+484
Add systemd-fsckd multiplexer which accepts multiple systemd-fsck instances to connect to it and sends progress report. systemd-fsckd then computes and writes to /dev/console the number of devices currently being checked and the minimum fsck progress. This will be used for interactive progress report and cancelling in plymouth. systemd-fsckd stops on idle when no systemd-fsck is connected. Make the necessary changes to systemd-fsck to connect to the systemd-fsckd socket.
2014-12-03machine-id-commit: add man pagesDidier Roche3-0/+228
Add man pages for systemd-machine-id-commit.service and systemd-machine-id-commit.
2014-12-03machine-id-commit: add unit fileDidier Roche3-0/+27
The unit file only active the machine-id-commit helper if /etc is mounted writable and /etc/machine-id is an independant mount point (should be a tmpfs).
2014-12-03machine-id-commit: Introduce machine-id-commit binaryDidier Roche4-0/+119
This binary enables to commit transient machine-id on disk if it becomes writable.
2014-12-03machine-id-setup: add a machine_id_commit call to commit on disk a transient ↵Didier Roche4-0/+91
machine-id If /etc was read only at boot time with an empty /etc/machine-id, the latter will be mounted as a tmpfs and get reset at each boot. If the system becomes rw later, this functionality enables to commit in a race-free manner the transient machine-id to disk.
2014-12-03machine-id-setup: Factorize some machine-id-setup functions to be reusedDidier Roche1-10/+34