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+Summary of changes from v045 to v046
+Greg Kroah-Hartman:
+ o make spotless for releases
+Kay Sievers:
+ o Don't try to print major/minor for devices without a dev file
+ o remove get_device_type and merge that into udev_set_values()
+ o prevent udevd crash if DEVPATH is not set
+ o add ippp and bcrypt to the exception lists of wait_for_sysfs
+ o let klibc add the trailing newline to syslog conditionally
+ o disable logging for udevstart
+ o add NAME{ignore_remove} attribute
+ o remove historical SYSFS_attr="value" format
+ o don't wait for sysfs if the kernel(2.6.10-rc2) tells us what not to expect
+ o change key names in udevinfo sysfs walk to match the kernel
+ o support DRIVER as a rule key
+ o support SUBSYSTEM as a rule key
+ o rename udevdb* to udev_db*
+ o Make dev.d/ handling a separate processing stage
+ o make the udev object available to more processing stages
+ o remove udev_lib dependency from udevsend, which makes it smaller
+ o add ACTION to udev object to expose it to the whole process
+ o make udevinfo's -r option also workimg for symlink queries
+ o let udev act as udevstart if argv[1] == "udevstart"
+ o improve udevinfo sysfs info walk
+ o add sysfs info walk to udevinfo
+ o pass the whole event environment to udevd
+ o replace tdb database by simple lockless file database
Summary of changes from v044 to v045