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update TODO, hackfest edition
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@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ Bugfixes:
* suppress log output on shutdown when "quiet" is used
Fedora 19:
* make anaconda write timeout=0 for encrypted devices
* make sure pkexec works fine with pam_systemd works fine with audit=0
@@ -51,9 +52,51 @@ Fedora 19:
* convert /etc/bash_completion.d/ to /usr/share/bash-completion/
(systemd (and everything else) should install zero static data in /etc)
+* tmpfiles: when traversing the tree, check for bind mount points with nametohandle()
+* fedora: connect the timer units of a service to the service via Also= in [Install], and maybe introduce
+* fedora: F20: go timer units all the way, leave cron.daily for cron
+* add a tool that lists active timer units plus their next elapstion and the time the units ran last
+* man: document the very specific env the shutdown drop-in tools live in
+* shutdown logging: store to EFI var, and store to USB stick?
+* man: extend runlevel(8) to mention that runlevels suck, and are dead. Maybe add runlevel(7) with a note about that too
+* systemctl: maybe add "systemctl add-wants" or so...
+* man: add a link to socket activation blog from systemd.socket(5)
+* systemctl status: show drop-in snippets for service files in addition to service file path themesevles.
+* man: add more examples to man pages
+* man: maybe sort directives in man pages, and take sections from --help and apply them to man too
+* man: systemctl: clarify that -p applies to "systemctl show" only
+* add "# export SYSTEMD_PAGER=" to bash login
+* /usr/bin/service should actually show the new command line
+* fedora: suggest auto-restart on failure, but not on sucess and not on coredump. also, ask people to think about changing the start limit logic. Also point people to RestartPreventExitStatus=, SuccessExitStatus=
+* write UI tool that pops up emergency messages from the journal as notification
+* think about window-manager-run-as-user-service problem: exit 0 → activate; exit != 0 → restart service
+* msgcatalog determine default language of entries from the catalog
+ file name. i.e. foobar.de_DE.catalog would set the default entry
+ name for the entries to de_DE if they aren't explicitly suffixed
+ individually.
* figure out what we do about hostnames/fqdn in hostnamectl/hostnamed
* use "log level" rather than "log priority" everywhere
@@ -268,6 +311,8 @@ Features:
interfaces to the container
- nspawn: maybe add a way to drop additional caps, in addition to add additional caps
- nspawn: maybe explicitly reset loginuid?
+ - nspawn: move all containers to name=systemd:/containers/, and introduce externally visible names for containers
+ - nspawn: make it work for dwalsh and shared /usr containers -- tmpfs mounts as command line parameters, selinux exec context
* cryptsetup:
- cryptsetup-generator: warn if the password files are world-readable
@@ -480,7 +525,11 @@ Features:
- non-cgroup resource management
- dynamic resource management with cgroups
- refreshed, longer missions statement
- - celendar time events
+ - calendar time events
+ - init=/bin/sh vs. "emergency" mode, vs. "rescue" mode, vs. "multi-user" mode, vs. "graphical" mode, and the debug shell
+ - how to create your own target
+ - instantiated apache, dovecot and so on
+ - hooking a script into various stages of shutdown/rearly booot
* allow port=0 in .socket units