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+Summary of changes from v058 to v059
+Greg Kroah-Hartman:
+ Fix the gentoo udev rules to allow the box to boot properly
+Gustavo Zacarias:
+ Udev doesn't properly build with $CROSS
+Kay Sievers:
+ Keep udevstart from skipping devices without a 'dev' file
+Marco d'Itri:
+Summary of changes from v058 to v059
+Greg Kroah-Hartman:
+ Update the gentoo rule file
+ Fix udevinfo for empty sysfs directories
+ Fix makefile to allow 'make release' to work with git
+Hannes Reinecke:
+ udev: fix netdev RUN handling
+ udevcontrol: fix exit code
+Kay Sievers:
+ add ID_TYPE to the id probers
+ add -x to scsi_id to export the queried values in env format
+ store the imported device information in the udevdb
+ rename udev_volume_id to vol_id and add --export option
+ add ata_id to read serial numbers from ATA drives
+ IMPORT allow to import program returned keys into the env
+ unify execute_command() and execute_program()
+ IMPORT=<file> allow to import a shell-var style config-file
+ allow rules to be compiled to one binary file
+ fix the fix and change the file to wait for to the "bus" link
+ fix udevstart and let all events trvel trough udev
+ prepare for module loading rules and add MODALIAS key
+ remove device node, when type block/char has changed
+ Makefile: remove dev.d/ hotplug.d/ from install target
+ udevcontrol: add max_childs command
+ udevd: control log-priority of the running daemon with udevcontrol
+ udeveventrecorder: add small program that writes an event to disk
+ klibc: add missing files
+ udevinitsend: handle replay messages correctly
+ udev man page: add operators
+ udevd: allow starting of udevd with stopped exec-queue
+ klibc: version 1.0.14
+ udev: handle all events - not only class and block devices
+ volume_id: use udev-provided log-level
+ udev: clear lists if a new value is assigned
+ udev: move dev.d/ handling to external helper
+ udev: allow final assignments :=
+ udevd: improve timeout handling
+ Makefile: fix DESTDIR
+ udevd: add initsend
+ udevd: add udevcontrol
+ udevd: listen for netlink events
+Stefan Schweizer:
+ Dialout group fix for capi devices in the gentoo rules file
Summary of changes from v057 to v058
diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index 665f75a29..302bb3da1 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ CONTROL = udevcontrol
INFO = udevinfo
TESTER = udevtest
STARTER = udevstart
-VERSION = 059
+VERSION = 060
LOCAL_CFG_DIR = etc/udev