BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.10Use spice_strdup() to avoid crashing on NULLMarc-André Lureau9 years
0.12glz-encoder: Do not discard top bits of lower part sending 64 bit intsFrediano Ziglio3 years
0.14glz-encoder: Do not discard top bits of lower part sending 64 bit intsFrediano Ziglio3 years
0.15build: Prepare for 0.15 releaseFrediano Ziglio5 months
0.4spice: Adding README to all subdirsUri Lublin12 years
0.6client: Don't handle hotkeys while sticky alt is activeHans de Goede11 years
0.8client: fix two narrowing conversion c++-11 warningsAlon Levy10 years
masterRemove useless typedefsFrediano Ziglio4 weeks
v0.15.0commit 2f42c1ca7d...Frediano Ziglio5 months
v0.15commit 2f42c1ca7d...Frediano Ziglio5 months
v0.14.91commit a078f25090...Frediano Ziglio11 months
v0.14.90commit 44436a006f...Frediano Ziglio11 months
v0.14.3commit 7f7af5d426...Frediano Ziglio19 months
v0.14.2commit 7cbd70b931...Frediano Ziglio2 years
v0.14.1commit eaa07ef15c...Christophe Fergeau3 years
v0.14.0commit 40ca6c29c7...Christophe Fergeau4 years
v0.13.91commit a94b3a7a26...Christophe Fergeau4 years
v0.13.90commit 34dff543be...Christophe Fergeau4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2021-08-26Remove useless typedefsHEADmasterFrediano Ziglio7-46/+40
2021-08-26Remove some constant usage, use size from arraysFrediano Ziglio3-7/+7
2021-08-26reds: Use proper maximum constant for time_tFrediano Ziglio1-1/+2
2021-08-26clang-tidy: replace C headers with C++Rosen Penev16-55/+68
2021-08-23several conversions to std::arrayRosen Penev6-44/+32
2021-08-07Remove now useless checkFrediano Ziglio3-13/+0
2021-08-07Allows surfaces to be updated without having to waitFrediano Ziglio6-75/+105
2021-08-07Remove last direct surface IDs usagesFrediano Ziglio6-100/+87
2021-08-07Change validate_surface to return surface pointerFrediano Ziglio3-27/+28
2021-08-07Use directly surface instead of idFrediano Ziglio1-7/+7