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2005-07-28Fontconfig patch is here, rejoiceAlbert Astals Cid1-1/+0
2005-07-07Add support for page layout to the Qt4 bindings, plusBrad Hards2-2/+46
2005-07-07Update for page mode - new mode from PDF-1.6, API docs fixesBrad Hards2-5/+11
2005-07-06Remove boolean for unicode table lookup from FontBrad Hards2-15/+1
2005-07-05Don't crash with files that have fonts with no nameAlbert Astals Cid2-4/+11
2005-07-05Add Qt4 bindings for new user permission properties.Brad Hards2-5/+71
2005-07-04Fix typo causing failure to pick up upside down pages.Brad Hards1-1/+1
2005-07-04Qt4 update.Brad Hards3-8/+77
2005-06-28Reduce cvs up noiseBrad Hards1-0/+7
2005-06-28Initial import of Qt4 bindings, and for a Qt4 "Arthur" (QPainter)Brad Hards6-0/+2035