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2009-08-24Use Requires.private if availableRex Dieter1-1/+2
The following patch minimizes pkg-config deps similar to how the glib-related pkg-config deps are done.
2007-05-26 * Astals Cid1-1/+1
* * qt/ * qt4/src/ Install qt3 and qt4 headers in separate dirs. That way be can reuse poppler-page-transition.h and distros don't get conflicts when making separate qt3 and qt4 packages
2005-06-28Initial import of Qt4 bindings, and for a Qt4 "Arthur" (QPainter)Brad Hards1-0/+12
backend renderer. The bindings are currently unstable - you can expect substantial change in both source and binary interfaces. The Arthur renderer currently does a reasonable job of rendering path and fill, but the image rendering doesn't work (for reasons that aren't clear to me) and text rendering doesn't use the right glyphs - it just draws with the current font. There is a lot of work to do on this too. Help is, of coure, welcome.