AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-05-21annots: Use std::unique_ptr instead of new/deleteunique_ptrCarlos Garcia Campos7-948/+532
2017-05-21Add std::make_unique implementationCarlos Garcia Campos1-0/+34
2017-05-13Fix memory leak in XRef::constructXRefAlbert Astals Cid1-0/+1
2017-05-13Use initNullAfterMalloc since this is after a greallocnAlbert Astals Cid1-1/+1
2017-05-13Forgot to add my (C) hereAlbert Astals Cid1-0/+1
2017-05-12Make Dict incRef/decRef privateAlbert Astals Cid8-76/+50
2017-05-12Make Array incRef/decRef privateAlbert Astals Cid2-11/+12
2017-05-12Make Stream incRef/decRef privateAlbert Astals Cid8-65/+50
2017-05-12Get rid of another incRef() callAlbert Astals Cid1-4/+1
2017-05-12Pass the Object around instead of the DictAlbert Astals Cid3-124/+122
2017-05-12SplashOutputDev::doUpdateFont - Fix crash on broken fileAlbert Astals Cid1-1/+3
2017-05-09JPXStreamPrivate::init2 - Fix memory leak in broken filesAlbert Astals Cid1-0/+1
2017-05-09GfxDeviceNColorSpace::parse - Fix memory leak on broken filesAlbert Astals Cid1-5/+5
2017-05-09TextPool::addWord - Fix memory leak on broken filesAlbert Astals Cid1-1/+2
2017-05-09FoFiType1::parse - Fix memory leak on broken filesAlbert Astals Cid1-0/+1
2017-05-09New Object APIAlbert Astals Cid91-5850/+3539
2017-05-05Make Object free itself on init and destructionAlbert Astals Cid24-139/+234
2017-05-05auto_ptr -> unique_ptrAlbert Astals Cid9-31/+36
2017-05-05Fix memory leak in error conditionAlbert Astals Cid1-10/+8
2017-05-05Move the bits sanity checking a bit higher in the functionAlbert Astals Cid1-4/+3
2017-05-04Fix regression in GfxIndexedColorSpace::mapColorToBaseAlbert Astals Cid1-2/+2
2017-05-04Minor optimizationAlbert Astals Cid1-4/+9
2017-04-25Fix memory leak when reconstructing broken filesAlbert Astals Cid1-5/+8
2017-04-25Fix memory leak (and probably logic bug) parsing broken XRef entriesAlbert Astals Cid1-2/+1
2017-04-21Poppler 0.54poppler-0.54Albert Astals Cid9-7/+22
2017-04-21Update (C)Albert Astals Cid2-1/+2
2017-04-21pdfimages: don't fail listing if inline image data contains 'EI'Adrian Johnson1-16/+45
2017-04-08glib: Fix return value in API doc comment of poppler_movie_get_play_modeCarlos Garcia Campos1-1/+1
2017-04-05Make XRef reconstruction a bit betterAlbert Astals Cid1-11/+19
2017-04-02glib-demo: Show play mode in movie properties viewCarlos Garcia Campos1-0/+3
2017-04-02glib: Expose movie play modeFrancesco Poli (wintermute)3-5/+65
2017-03-22qt5: Compile with -DQT_NO_CAST_FROM_BYTEARRAYChristoph Cullmann1-1/+1
2017-03-22Poppler 0.53poppler-0.53Albert Astals Cid9-9/+27
2017-03-19Update (C)Albert Astals Cid7-7/+7
2017-03-09Add override markersAlbert Astals Cid77-1400/+1404
2017-03-08Compile in C++11 modeAlbert Astals Cid2-1/+4
2017-03-06pdfinfo: Fix memory leak when printing JSAlbert Astals Cid1-1/+2
2017-03-06pdfinfo: fix leak when printing JSAlbert Astals Cid1-2/+4
2017-03-06pdftohtml: fix small memory leak when constructing some filenamesAlbert Astals Cid1-2/+4
2017-03-06SplashOutputDev: Fix memory leak when rendering images with colormap and matt...Albert Astals Cid1-4/+4
2017-03-04pdfimages: support 16bpc png and tiff imagesAdrian Johnson7-3/+56
2017-03-02Qt5: Expose Form additional actionsAlbert Astals Cid2-0/+39
2017-03-02Update (C) of previous commitAlbert Astals Cid1-1/+1
2017-03-02Qt5: expose form calculate orderAlbert Astals Cid2-2/+25
2017-03-02Parse AcroForm CO (calculateOrder)Albert Astals Cid2-0/+23
2017-03-02Make FormWidget* setters ignore isReadOnlyAlbert Astals Cid1-22/+1
2017-02-19There's no config fileAlbert Astals Cid1-3/+2
2017-02-15Poppler 0.52.0poppler-0.52Albert Astals Cid6-5/+21
2017-02-15Update C yearsAlbert Astals Cid2-2/+2
2017-02-13Properly initialize some RichMedia variables in corner casesAlbert Astals Cid1-17/+14