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diff --git a/splash/Splash.h b/splash/Splash.h
index f18d7ae9..251a1001 100644
--- a/splash/Splash.h
+++ b/splash/Splash.h
@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@ public:
// Composite this Splash object onto a background color. The
// background alpha is assumed to be 1.
- void compositeBackground(SplashColorPtr color);
+ void compositeBackground(SplashColorConstPtr color);
// Copy a rectangular region from <src> onto the bitmap belonging to
// this Splash object. The destination alpha values are all set to
@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ private:
void drawAAPixel(SplashPipe *pipe, int x, int y);
void drawSpan(SplashPipe *pipe, int x0, int x1, int y, bool noClip);
void drawAALine(SplashPipe *pipe, int x0, int x1, int y, bool adjustLine = false, unsigned char lineOpacity = 0);
- void transform(SplashCoord *matrix, SplashCoord xi, SplashCoord yi,
+ void transform(const SplashCoord *matrix, SplashCoord xi, SplashCoord yi,
SplashCoord *xo, SplashCoord *yo);
void updateModX(int x);
void updateModY(int y);