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2008-04-14- Mention "${PM_FUNCTIONS}" instead of harcoded 32bit path for functions fileTill Maas1-2/+2
2008-03-11Updated hooks documentation.Victor Lowther1-22/+32
2008-03-03Updated the HOWTO.hooks to document the help parameter.Victor Lowther1-0/+7
Also added a section dealing with suspend_hybrid.
2008-02-07Simplify hook implementation.Victor Lowther1-14/+2
modified: pm/HOWTO.hooks modified: pm/ modified: pm/sleep.d/ deleted: pm/sleep.d/zzz * Merge the functionality of find_hooks and run_hooks. This results in a new run_hooks function which is much simpler than the old one and is much more resistant to breaking due to odd filenames. * Actually implements the functionality mentioned in README where you can create a nonexecutable file in /etc/pm/(sleep|power).d that will prevent the copy in /usr/lib/pm-utils/(sleep|power).d from running. * Undoes the "nonzero exit code means do not run on resume" and auto-reverse pseudofeatures I added in the POSIX series. If anyone likes them, they can be added back at the cost of either passing a function to run_hooks or maintaining a global variable. * Merges the functionality that was in zzz back into pm_main. Although zzz was a slightly funny name, upon further reflection it was a bad idea and makes it harder to implement some partitioning of functionality that will be needed if/when the hooks are split into their own project. * Updates the documentation to reflect these changes.
2008-01-30Spelling fixes in HOWTO.hooks.Victor Lowther1-4/+4
2008-01-30Added a HOWTO file for writing hooks,Victor Lowther1-0/+68
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