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2010-06-18Various small man page updates and fixesMichael Biebl3-24/+24
2010-03-18on_ac_power: support UPower (new name for DeviceKit-power)Michal Schmidt2-6/+6
DeviceKit-power got renamed to UPower and its D-Bus interface changed accordingly. Try UPower first in on_ac_power. If it fails, try DeviceKit-power. It if fails too, try hal. Also update documentation. Signed-off-by: Michael Biebl <>
2010-03-14Bump docbook revision for the manpage sources to 4.5Victor Lowther5-5/+5
2010-02-15Fix a small typo ('lits') in pm-action.8Michael Biebl1-1/+1
Reported as Debian bug:
2009-12-10Fix silly typo in pm-action.xmlpm-utils-1.3.0-rc2Victor Lowther1-1/+1
2009-12-10Merge branch 'pm-utils-1.2' into pm-utils-1.3Victor Lowther1-12/+6
Conflicts: pm/sleep.d/98smart-kernel-video
2009-12-10[PATCH] Fix vga-mode-3 typo in video hooksTormod Volden1-1/+1
We have been using vga-mode3 while the standard says vga-mode-3. This might fix (or even break) some resume issues on hardware which did not have any video quirks, since the option is set in fdi/information/10freedesktop/99-video-quirk-default.fdi from hal-info. Signed-off-by: Tormod Volden <> Signed-off-by: Victor Lowther <>
2009-12-10Fix bug# 25547, make pm-action options formatting correct.Victor Lowther1-11/+5
2009-12-07Updated pm-action documentation to describe the new return values.Victor Lowther1-0/+11
2009-12-05Update revision to reflect rc status, and make manpage actually build.Victor Lowther1-119/+119
2009-12-05Add reference to README.debugging in the pm-action manpage.Victor Lowther1-0/+7
2009-12-05Updated pm-action manpage to reflect recent changes.Victor Lowther1-19/+20
We have --store-quirks-as-lkw instead of --store-quirks-as-fdi, and the default kernel methods have a suspend-hybrid implementation that has a 900 second delay between suspending and hibernating.
2009-11-30some documentation updates for DeviceKit-powerMartin Pitt2-3/+8
2009-11-08Fix typo in pm-action.8Michael Biebl1-1/+1
Patch by Mario Lang.
2009-07-01Fix syntax for shell configuration variables.Michael Biebl1-1/+1
See Debian bug:
2009-04-23Fix a few typos in the documentationMichael Biebl1-2/+2
2008-12-15By default, pm-powersave does nothing with laptop-mode.Victor Lowther1-11/+2
So dpn't even mention it in our manpages.
2008-11-3090clock takes over a second to run on suspend.Victor Lowther1-0/+13
Most systems do not need it. Add NEED_CLOCK_SYNC, and only run hwclock if it is set. This will probably go away entirely in a later release.
2008-10-05--store-quirks-as-fdi, not --save-quirks-as-fdiVictor Lowther1-1/+1
2008-10-05Document sleep module fallback behaviour in pm-action man page.Victor Lowther1-1/+2
2008-10-05Document hook ordering convention in the pm-action man page.Victor Lowther1-3/+44
2008-10-05Document --auto-quirks and --save-quirks-as-fdi in the pm-action man page.Victor Lowther1-1/+33
2008-05-22xmlto only takes a single file, don't pass moreDan Nicholson1-2/+2
Minor nitpick so that only a single file, the first prerequisite, is passed to xmlto since it can only handle taking a single file. There was only one prerequisite anyway, so... not much to see here.
2008-05-22Only create manpage symlinks when target pages have been installedDan Nicholson1-5/+7
Instead of always creating the symlinks to pm-action.8, we first check that it's actually installed.
2008-05-22Only build manpages when xmlto is availableDan Nicholson1-3/+7
Don't require users to have xmlto and DocBook XML installed just to try pm-utils. However, since the man pages are required for dist, prebuilt pages will be available in the tarballs.
2008-05-17Missing a <para> tag in pm-powersaveVictor Lowther1-1/+2
2008-05-17More pm-actiom manpage updates.Victor Lowther1-30/+26
2008-05-12Forgot pm-powersave.xmlVictor Lowther1-14/+5
2008-05-12Remove Debian-specific information from the imported manpages.Victor Lowther2-45/+28
Also rewrote parts of the pm-action manpage for clarity.
2008-05-10Fix man page sectionMichael Biebl3-4/+14
- Put pm-pmu into man page section 8 (admin tools) - Fix references to pm-suspend, which is also section 8
2008-05-10Create symlinks for pm-action man pageMichael Biebl1-0/+6
Create symlinks for pm-suspend.8, pm-suspend-hybrid.8 and pm-hibernate.8 pointing to pm-action.8
2008-05-10Create man pages from docbook xmlMichael Biebl1-16/+16
- Remove old docbook2man rules. - Add rules for creating man pages from docbook xml using xmlto.
2008-05-10Ignore *.8 man pages.Michael Biebl1-0/+1
2008-05-10Convert docbook sgml man pages to docbook xmlMichael Biebl2-2/+8
2008-05-10Copy docbook xml man pages from Debian.Michael Biebl3-0/+834
2008-04-28Only build man pages when docbook2man is availableDan Nicholson1-5/+10
Since not everyone has the whole DocBook chain, the building of the man pages is now conditional on the docbook2man utility being available. The built man pages are always included in `make dist', meaning that docbook2man must be available in that situation.
2008-03-05Do not track the man pages.Victor Lowther2-87/+0
They are generated from the SGML files, so we do not need to track them in git.
2008-02-16Our version of on_ac_power does not return 255.Victor Lowther1-8/+0
Having the man page say it does might be a little confusing.
2008-01-28remove obsolete .cvsignore filesMichael Biebl1-3/+0
2008-01-26add the .gitignore files to ignore the build stuffRichard Hughes1-0/+4
2007-12-232007-12-23 Richard Hughes <>Richard Hughes2-3/+3
* man/pm-pmu.1: * man/pm-pmu.sgml: Fix a typo in the pm-pmu manpage. RedHat Bugzilla report:
2007-05-15- make man pages not get cleaned up by "make clean"Peter Jones1-1/+3
2007-03-06- I'm really not even sure why these are version controlled...Peter Jones2-2/+2
2007-02-20- Fix man page generation.Peter Jones1-2/+2
2007-02-20- manually fix up the crap that's getting generated...Peter Jones2-6/+4
2006-06-052006-06-05 Richard Hughes <>Richard Hughes3-59/+75
* INSTALL: Add this GNU required file. * man/on_ac_power.1: * man/pm-pmu.1: Newest files (from the SGML files) * .cvsignore: * man/.cvsignore: * pm/.cvsignore: * pm/ * pm/hooks/.cvsignore: * pm/power.d/.cvsignore: * src/.cvsignore: Add these files to keep cvs happy.
2006-06-052006-06-05 Richard Hughes <>Richard Hughes1-0/+19
* man/ Connect up the sgml->.1 conversion to the autotools build system.
2006-06-052006-06-05 Richard Hughes <>Richard Hughes2-0/+187
* man/on_ac_power.sgml: * man/pm-pmu.sgml: Don't use hardcoded .1 files, instead generate them using sgml files.
2006-05-02- add pm-pmu, at least for nowPeter Jones1-0/+40
2005-07-05whoopsBill Nottingham1-0/+36