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2008-02-13More descriptive autogen output for missing autotoolsDan Nicholson1-0/+7
In the case that autoreconf is missing, we can prompt the user which packages will be needed (autoconf and automake). Otherwise, we'll just have to rely on the error output from autoreconf, which should be sufficiently useful.
2008-02-13Much simpler for our needsDan Nicholson1-88/+7
The current script had way too much baggage for what we use in pm-utils. My guess is it was copied from a GNOME package. Anyway, this slims down to just use autoreconf, which will do the right thing. This is a virtual copy of the "official" script used in Xorg.
2006-06-052006-06-05 Richard Hughes <>Richard Hughes1-0/+96
* MAINTAINERS: Add pjones as maintainer. * * pm/ * pm/hooks/ * pm/power.d/ Start to add autotools build system.