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-.TH "PM-PMU" "1" "23 December 2007" "" ""
-pm-pmu \- suspend the computer on machines using a Macintosh-style PMU
-This manual page documents briefly the
-\fBpm-pmu\fR command.
-\fBpm-pmu\fR is a command line program to suspend a computer on machines using a Macintosh-style PMU
-The command succeeds (status 0) if the machine uses a Macintosh-style
-PMU, and suspended successfully. The command fails (status other than
-0) otherwise.
-It is designed to be easy to use in shell scripts.
-\fB 0 (true) \fR
-System was suspended using PMU.
-\fB 1 (false) \fR
-System could not be suspended using PMU.
-This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax,
-with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of
-options is included below.
-\fB --suspend \fR
-Suspend the computer.
-\fB --help \fR
-Show help message.
-pm-suspend (1).
-This manual page was written by Richard Hughes <>\&.