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Make some changes to core functionality to support pm-powersave
This consists of core features extracted from the powersave-hooks branch, and does the following: * Refactor some settings in pm-functions to make it easier to support seperate settings for pm-action and pm-powersave. Other than sharing a mechanism for running hooks and being able to use certian utility functions, they do not have much in common w.r.t settings and lifecycle rules for those settings. * Move take_suspend_lock from pm-functions to pm-action. pm-powersave uses a simpler scheme, and there is not enough code sharing to justify having it in pm-functions. * Add a bit of code to pm-functions to figure out what chassis type we are running on. * Add a 00powersave hook that turns powersaving off across a suspend/resume. Things like laptop-mode in particular have been known to cause issues in some situations. * Make pm-powersave log to a real logfile and try to guess at the appropriate powersave mode if called with no arguments.
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+command_exists pm-powersave || exit $NA
+case $1 in
+ suspend|hibernate) pm-powersave false ;;
+ resume|thaw) pm-powersave ;;
+ *) exit $NA ;;
+exit 0
+ \ No newline at end of file