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on_ac_power: support UPower (new name for DeviceKit-power)
DeviceKit-power got renamed to UPower and its D-Bus interface changed accordingly. Try UPower first in on_ac_power. If it fails, try DeviceKit-power. It if fails too, try hal. Also update documentation. Signed-off-by: Michael Biebl <>
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For some options external programs are needed.
- These commands will usually be called by <command>DeviceKit-power</command>
+ These commands will usually be called by <command>UPower</command>
or <command>hald</command> when triggered to do so by a program
in a desktop session such as <command>gnome-power-manager</command>.
Calling them from the command line is also possible, but it is not
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@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@
The intended purpose of <command>&dhpackage;</command> is to
find out which power management modes are supported by the
- system. hald(8) will call it to do just that. (Note that DeviceKit-power
+ system. hald(8) will call it to do just that. (Note that UPower
does not use this.)
@@ -161,10 +161,6 @@
<!-- In alpabetical order. -->
- <refentrytitle>DeviceKit-power</refentrytitle>
- <manvolnum>7</manvolnum>
- </citerefentry>,
- <citerefentry>
@@ -175,6 +171,10 @@
+ </citerefentry>,
+ <citerefentry>
+ <refentrytitle>UPower</refentrytitle>
+ <manvolnum>7</manvolnum>