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+=== pm-utils ===
+What is pm-utils?
+* Provides simple shell command line tools to suspend and hibernate computer
+that can be used to run vendor or distro supplied scripts on suspend and resume.
+Why do we need it?
+* As all the main distros are re-implimenting the same thing, over and over, to
+do something that's really quite trivial.
+Having the common locations for stuff means that software and hardware vendors
+can just install one file to do the clever stuff.
+* Distros can easily add/remove functionality by installing/removing one
+file into the hooks directory, for example:
+- enabling and disabling standby LED's on laptop hardware
+- enabling suspend GUI's like suspend2
+- re-enabling video
+- starting and stopping services that can't cope with suspending
+- re-syncing the time with ntp
+- removing and modprobing modules when needed
+- setting grub to be the default target for a hibernate-resume
+- other wacky things that need doing on specific systems