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Updated /etc/pm/parameters parsing.
Now we can add and remove parameters passed from our invoker.
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@@ -49,11 +49,16 @@ End-user customization:
* If a particular hook is causing problems on your system, you can disable it
by adding its name to /etc/pm/blacklist
-* If you need to pass default parameters to pm-suspend and friends, you can add
- them to /etc/pm/parameters.
* To find out what parameters can be passed to pm-suspend and friends, run them
with '--help' as the first parameter as root. This will print out the
options that it supports and which hooks or modules handle those options.
+* If a parameter (or lack thereof) passed to pm-suspend and friends is causing
+ problems, or you need to debug the suspend/resume process to work out what
+ quirks are causing problems, you can use /etc/pm/parameters to override
+ the hooks passed by HAL. Specifically:
+ * "add --parameter" will add --parameter to the list of parameters.
+ * "drop --parameter" will remove --parameter from the list of parameters.
That's it!