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Use --quirk-test to override the usual sanity checks.
This can be useful for testing to see if your system requires an unusual set of quirks, but can also make your system crash in new and exciting ways across suspend/resume. You have been warned.
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@@ -38,6 +38,12 @@ End-user customization and debugging:
with '--help' as the first parameter as root. This will print out the
options that it supports and which hooks or modules handle those options.
+* To override the usual quirk filtering (for kernel modesetting, binary drivers,
+ and exotic hardware), pass --quirk-test along with any other quirks you want
+ to try. This make make your system crash in new and exciting ways by
+ conflicting with the kernel when suspending or resuming, but is very useful
+ for debugging. You have been warned.
Significant conceptual changes from pm-utils 0.99.x and earlier:
* Do not rely on the internals of hooks when configuring or customizing