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Split out the debugging information into README.debugging.
I will add more thurough information on how to debug pm-utils later.
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+End-user customization and debugging:
+* If a particular hook is causing problems on your system, you can disable it
+ using the HOOK_BLACKLIST environment variable by creating a file in
+ /etc/pm/config.d and adding the line:
+ HOOK_BLACKLIST="hookname 99another-hook"
+* If a parameter (or lack thereof) passed to pm-suspend and friends is causing
+ problems, or you need to debug the suspend/resume process to work out what
+ quirks are causing problems, you can use the ADD_PARAMETERS and
+ DROP_PARAMETERS environment variables. To do this, create a file in
+ /etc/pm/config.d, and add the following lines to it:
+ ADD_PARAMETERS="--parameter-to-add --another-parameter"
+ DROP_PARAMETERS="--parameter-to-drop --another-parameter-to-drop"
+ If you want to drop all parameters (for testing purposes, or to work around
+ bugs in HAL), you can use DROP_PARAMETERS="all"
+* If you suspect that a kernel module is preventing you from being
+ able to suspend and resume, you can use the SUSPEND_MODULES
+ environment variable to have that module removed when the system
+ suspends and reloaded when the system wakes up.
+* To find out what parameters can be passed to pm-suspend and friends, run them
+ with '--help' as the first parameter as root. This will print out the
+ options that it supports and which hooks or modules handle those options.
+Significant conceptual changes from pm-utils 0.99.x and earlier:
+* Do not rely on the internals of hooks when configuring or customizing
+ pm-utils. Conceptually, hooks are black boxes from the point of view
+ of the pm-utils core code, and there is no guarantee that the implementation
+ of a given hook will not change from pm-utils revision to pm-utils revision.
+* The preferred method of modifying the behaviour of a hook is to modify the
+ ADD_PARAMETERS and DROP_PARAMETERS to change the global parameters available
+ to each hook.
+* All scripts created and maintained by the pm-utils are POSIX/SuS compliant.
+ Any modification or new script should be POSIX compliant and work as intended
+ using dash and posh before you submit a patch upstream. \ No newline at end of file