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+Major changes since the 1.3 series:
+* The pm-utils git tree includes infrastructure to build .deb packages,
+ .rpm packages. and Arch Linux .tar packages. These are not intended
+ to replace distro packaging, and are not included in the release tarballs.
+* We include some basic power management hooks. The individual hooks can
+ conflict with the ones provided by the laptop-mode-tools scripts, so you
+ should either just remove laptop-mode-tools entirely or pick and choose
+ between which package should handle what powersaving functionality.
+Major changes since the 1.2 series:
+* We no longer rely on HAL at all for video quirks.
+* The pm-utils project has taken over maintenance of the video quirk database.
+ Most systems coming out no longer rely on quirks, due to KMS enabled drivers
+ for most common chipsets along with the two major binary video drivers
+ handling any needed suspend/resume handling themselves.
Major changes since the 1.1 series:
* Our pkg-config support now includes variables that directly map to where