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+pkg-config 0.29.1
+- Fixed a regression from 0.29 with unquoting values queried with
+ --variable. In some cases, this would cause shell special characters to
+ be escaped in ways they weren't before. Instead, the unquoting only
+ occurs if the value appears to be quoted. (#93284)
+- Add support for building pkg-config with Microsoft Visual Studio.
+ Thanks to Chun-wei Fan for the fix. (#92489)
+- Allow overriding pkg-config variables with environment variables. By
+ setting an environment variable of the form
+ PKG_CONFIG_$PACKAGE_$VARIABLE, a pkg-config variable can be set
+ globally without always having to pass --define-variable. Thanks to
+ Alex Larsson for the fix. (#90917)
+- Honor -Wl,-framework in addition to -framework so that multiple
+ frameworks are handled on OSX. (#1278)
+- Fix the OSX build using --with-internal-glib. Thanks to Rudá Moura for
+ the initial fix and Adam Mercer for testing the final patch. (#92902)
pkg-config 0.29