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2005-05-21 Tollef Fog Heen <>
Author: tfheen Date: 2005-05-21 09:14:47 GMT 2005-05-21 Tollef Fog Heen <> * check/check-libs-private: New test to check for support for private libraries. * check/simple.pc (prefix): Add Libs.private header. * check/ (TESTS): Add check-libs-private test * pkg.h: Adjust function prototypes. * pkg.c: Add global ignore_private_libs variable. (scan_dir): Use the correct free function. Stop leaking file descriptors. (package_get_l_libs, packages_get_l_libs, package_get_L_libs, packages_get_L_libs): Stop the recursive silliness and go back to old behaviour. (packages_get_all_libs): Adjust parameters to packages_get_*_libs (enable_private_libs, disable_private_libs): Trivial helper functions. * pkg-config.1: Update documentation wrt search path (Debian #308942), update docs for Libs.private and add the problematic handling of mixing = and non-= arguments to the bugs section. * parse.h: Adjust parameters for parse_package_file to get private libs or not. * parse.c (trim_and_sub): Fix memory leak. (_do_parse_libs): New function including what's common between parse_libs and parse_private_libs. (parse_libs_private): New function. Handle private libraries. (parse_line): Add . to the list of valid characters in headers (so Libs.private works correctly. (parse_line): Fix memory leaks. (parse_line): Handle Libs.private. (parse_package_file): Fix memory leak. * main.c (main): Fix memory leak. * NEWS: Document changes to inter-library handling. * main.c (main): Handle inter-library dependencies old-style, but do private libraries too. Adjust parameters to packages_get_*_libs. * Change comment wrt inter-library handling to talk about private libraries instead.
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