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2019-06-10meson: fix TLS support under mingwChristoph Reiter1-1/+5
GCC on Windows complains that "__declspec(thread)" doesn't work, but still compiles it, so the meson check doesn't work. The warning printed by gcc: "warning: 'thread' attribute directive ignored [-Wattributes]" Pass -Werror=attributes to make the check fail instead. This fixes the test suite (minus gtk tests) on Windows with mingw.
2019-06-10meson: allow building a static libraryChristoph Reiter1-1/+1
So that passing "-Ddefault_library=both" also creates a static lib. Note that Libs.private in the .pc file will still be wrong because of (it contains things like -lpixman-mmx)
2019-06-10meson: define SIZEOF_LONG and use -WundefChristoph Reiter1-0/+3
meson builds defaulted to SIZEOF_LONG=0 in various places