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+\ Release Philosophy
+ -------------------
+Since Piglit is a test suite, it is "production software" at all times.
+Test case might be incorrect, but despite that it is not useful to speak of
+"stable" and "unstable" versions of a test suite, especially one that sees
+a relatively small rate of change like Piglit.
+For this reason, developers of OpenGL drivers and related software, and even
+testers are encouraged to follow the git repository on at all
+times. A web interface to this repository can be found here:
+Nevertheless, for purposes of marking a specific point in time for packaging
+in an environment where non-developers do tests on a wide range of hardware,
+it has been pointed out that it would be useful to have official releases.
+For this reason, we will occasionally bump the version number in the file
+RELEASE and create an appropriate tag in the git repository.
+This tag is the official way of marking a release, so the tarballs provided
+automatically by the cgit frontend are official release tarballs.
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+Version: v1
+For a discussion of release philosophy, see HACKING.