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2016-11-29MOVED TO: Walter1-178/+0
This repository has moved to GitHub to allow further contributions and more flexibility who can merge changes. More details here:
2015-01-14trust: Add pem-directory-hash extract formatAdam Williamson1-8/+41
This allows extraction of a directory of standard PEM files with the OpenSSL hash symlinks; this is a format used by some popular platforms (Debian's /etc/ssl/certs is in this form, and OpenSUSE provides it for compatibility). Initially by: Ludwig Nussel <> Signed-off-by: Stef Walter <> * Added header, fixed compiler warnings
2013-08-29trust: Refactor enumeration of certificates to extractStef Walter1-10/+10
Because we want to use this same logic for listing trust
2013-07-03trust: Add support for saving files with unique file namesStef Walter1-3/+5
2013-06-25Reorganize various componentsStef Walter1-0/+143
* p11-kit library and tool in the p11-kit/ subdirectory * trust module and new trust tool in trust/ subdirectory * No more tools/ subdirectory * Lots less in the common/ subdirectory