BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
exa_branch- Minor bugfixes.Thomas Hellström16 years
experimental_branch Putting in a note for accidental users.Benno Schulenberg14 years
fix_warningsDisable unused-function warningsXavier Bachelot5 years
glamorMerge branch 'master' into glamorJames Simmons7 years
hwcursor_branchrevert changes and disable any hardware cursors for KM400 for nowJon Nettleton13 years
kms_branchHP Compaq dx2040 (reported by Tom Li)Xavier Bachelot9 years
mainVersion bumped to 0.6.409Kevin Brace4 months
masterVersion bumped to 0.6.225Kevin Brace16 months
modular_branchAdapt to bugfix in Xorg.Thomas Hellström16 years
modular_i2c_branchforgot an include fileJon Nettleton15 years
pciaccess_branchFix memory detection and pci device memory mappingGabriel Mansi14 years
randr_branch Some comment and whitespace tweaks, in both trunk and randr branch.Benno Schulenberg14 years
release_0_2_9xvmc: add support for VX900Xavier Bachelot9 years
release_0_3_0Merge change 487 from trunkXavier Bachelot14 years
release_3_0_0oops missed a changeJon Nettleton14 years
ttm_branchopenchrome: Fix initial screen clearing.Thomas Hellström12 years
vbe_testingporting changeset r353 from trunk hereJon Nettleton14 years
vn896_branchDisabled TV detection for P4M900Gabriel Mansi14 years
vt3336_branchre-enable xvmc for testing with k8m890Jon Nettleton15 years
vx900_branchFix XVideo on VX900 chipsetBartosz Kosiorek11 years
xorg_branchAdd via_3d_reg.h, though part of libdrm.Thomas Hellström16 years
xvmc-devMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into xvmc-devXavier Bachelot10 years
xf86-video-openchrome-0.6.0commit 5e158c76eb...Kevin Brace5 years
openchrome-0.6commit 5e158c76eb...Kevin Brace5 years
openchrome-0.5commit 72589af7b3...Kevin Brace5 years
release_0_4_0commit 52730d1da4...Kevin Brace6 years
release_0_3_3commit 0c17f81ad4...Xavier Bachelot9 years
release_0_3_2commit 9bc4026a40...Xavier Bachelot9 years
release_0_3_1commit eee95bd967...Xavier Bachelot9 years
release_0_3_0commit 1da9cf117c...Xavier Bachelot9 years
release_0_2_906commit bcc53ba404...Xavier Bachelot10 years
release_0_2_999commit 0cb697780e...James Simmons10 years
release_0_2_905commit a9c6c5ada3...Xavier Bachelot10 years
release_0_2_904commit 57d0cb04a6...Xavier Bachelot12 years
release_0_2_903commit 5063876175...Xavier Bachelot13 years
release_0_2_902commit faa2c660ea...Xavier Bachelot14 years
release_0_2_901commit cfd824ea3f...Xavier Bachelot14 years
release_0_2_900commit 7a51d949d1...Xavier Bachelot14 years
pre_openchromecommit 082bb701c1...Xavier Bachelot14 years
xorg_pre_1.3_supportcommit a70dd45a2c...Jon Nettleton15 years