BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
drm-next-5.10drm/openchrome: Version bumped to 3.4.1Kevin Brace13 months
drm-next-5.11drm/openchrome: Version bumped to 3.4.6Kevin Brace8 months
drm-next-5.12drm/openchrome: Version bumped to 3.4.7Kevin Brace8 months
drm-next-5.13drm/openchrome: Version bumped to 3.4.9Kevin Brace6 months
drm-next-5.14drm/ttm: flip over the range manager to self allocated nodesKevin Brace5 months
drm-next-5.5drm/openchrome: Version bumped to 3.1.24Kevin Brace22 months
drm-next-5.6drm/openchrome: Version bumped to 3.1.27Kevin Brace21 months
drm-next-5.7drm/openchrome: Version bumped to 3.1.28Kevin Brace18 months
drm-next-5.8drm/openchrome: Version bumped to 3.1.29Kevin Brace16 months
drm-next-5.9drm/openchrome: Version bumped to 3.3.0Kevin Brace16 months
release_0_2_904commit 57d0cb04a6...Xavier Bachelot12 years
release_0_2_903commit 5063876175...Xavier Bachelot13 years
release_0_2_902commit faa2c660ea...Xavier Bachelot14 years
release_0_2_901commit cfd824ea3f...Xavier Bachelot14 years
release_0_2_900commit 7a51d949d1...Xavier Bachelot14 years
pre_openchromecommit 082bb701c1...Xavier Bachelot14 years
xorg_pre_1.3_supportcommit a70dd45a2c...Jon Nettleton15 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2021-05-21drm/openchrome: Version bumped to 3.4.9drm-next-5.13Kevin Brace1-2/+2
2021-05-21drm/openchrome: Move openchrome_hdmi_audio variableKevin Brace3-8/+5
2021-05-21drm/openchrome: Be strict about case statement fall throughKevin Brace2-3/+29
2021-05-14Merge tag 'drm-next-2021-05-10' of git:// into...Kevin Brace19-81/+332
2021-05-14drm: Use state helper instead of the plane state pointerKevin Brace2-3/+6
2021-05-14drm/atomic: Pass the full state to planes atomic disable and updateKevin Brace2-4/+6
2021-05-14drm: Rename plane->state variables in atomic update and disableKevin Brace2-12/+13
2021-05-14drm: Use the state pointer directly in planes atomic_checkKevin Brace2-4/+2
2021-05-14drm/atomic: Pass the full state to planes atomic_checkKevin Brace2-4/+8
2021-05-14drm: Rename plane atomic_check state namesKevin Brace2-17/+23