BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
drm-nouveau-fixesdrm/nvc0/fb: fix crash when different mutex is used to protect same listAleksi Torhamo7 years
drm-nouveau-fixes-3.10drm/nv50/kms: use dac loadval from vbios, where it's availableBen Skeggs7 years
drm-nouveau-fixes-3.6drm/nouveau: headless mode by default if pci class != vga displayBen Skeggs7 years
drm-nouveau-fixes-3.8drm/nouveau: add lockdep annotationsMarcin Slusarz7 years
drm-nouveau-fixes-3.9drm/nouveau: fix unconditional return waiting on memoryCalvin Owens7 years
drm-nouveau-nextdrm/nouveau/ram: fix test for gpio presenceBen Skeggs6 years
linux-3.16drm/nouveau/therm: fix a potential deadlock in the therm monitoring codeMartin Peres6 years
linux-3.17drm/nouveau: make sure display hardware is reinitialised on runtime resumeBen Skeggs5 years
linux-3.18drm/nouveau/gf116: remove copy1 engineIlia Mirkin5 years
linux-3.19drm/nouveau/nouveau: Do not BUG_ON(!spin_is_locked()) on UPBruno Prémont5 years
linux-3.20drm/nouveau: finalise nvkm namespace switch (no binary change)Ben Skeggs5 years
linux-4.0drm/nouveau/bios: fix i2c table parsing for dcb 4.1Stefan Huehner5 years
linux-4.1drm/nouveau/gr/gm204: remove a stray printkBen Skeggs5 years
linux-4.2drm/nouveau/nouveau/ttm: fix tiled system memory with MaxwellAlexandre Courbot5 years
linux-4.3drm/nouveau/gem: return only valid domain when there's only oneIlia Mirkin4 years
linux-4.4drm/nouveau/volt/pwm/gk104: fix an off-by-one resulting in the voltage not be...Martin Peres4 years
masterdrm/nouveau: prevent stale fence->channel pointers, and protect with rcuMaarten Lankhorst5 years
master-compatnouveau/Makefile: don't build AST and Cirrus QEMU driversAlbert Pool7 years
newttm-develdrm/nv50: use LVDS dual-link transition freq from VBIOSBen Skeggs11 years
newttm-devel-compatNouveau out-of-tree: fix archive make targetPekka Paalanen11 years
nvfx-vpeInitial commit for the linux vpe kernel changes.Jimmy Rentz10 years
old-masterdrm/nv04-nv40: Fix up PCI(E) GART DMA object bus address calculation.Francisco Jerez9 years
to-linus-staging-1commit 8fb5c3ada2...Ben Skeggs10 years