tag namei965-primitive-restart-v2 (7b6d81833abfdfef661079016ae44e802388c4cf)
tag date2012-05-17 11:13:38 -0700
tagged byJordan Justen <>
tagged objectcommit c7e77fcc31...
add i965 primitive restart hardware support where possible
v2: * Only enable NV_primitive_restart for gen >= 4 * Move function names to the beginning of lines * Don't include brw_context.h from brw_draw.h * brw_handle_primitive_restart returns GLboolean instead of bool * Only call vbo_sw_primitive_restart once in brw_handle_primitive_restart * Add comments to various functions v1: * Enable NV_primitive_restart for all hardware. (Software primitive restart is used where necessary) * If hardware supports cut index and cut index can handle the primitive restart scenario, then use cut index to implement hardware support for primitive restart during the draw.