The Mesa 3D Graphics Library

OpenVG State Tracker

The current version of the OpenVG state tracker implements OpenVG 1.1.

More information about OpenVG can be found at .

The OpenVG state tracker depends on the Gallium architecture and a working EGL implementation. Please refer to Mesa EGL for more information about EGL.

Building the library

  1. Run configure with --enable-openvg and --enable-gallium-egl. If you do not need OpenGL, you can add --disable-opengl to save the compilation time.
  2. Build and install Mesa as usual.

Sample build

A sample build looks as follows:
  $ ./configure --disable-opengl --enable-openvg --enable-gallium-egl
  $ make
  $ make install

It will install,, and one or more EGL drivers.

OpenVG Demos

OpenVG demos can be found in mesa/demos repository.