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2009-01-21windows: another round of VC8 project file updatesKarl Schultz1-21/+192
New static configs generate DLLs that do not have a dependency on the MSCVR* DLL's.
2009-01-21Revert "windows: new VC8 projects statically linked against libcmt"Brian Paul1-238/+0
This reverts commit bbda892c551e7d3f2d94cc877cc6e80f8568fa99. Static configs rolled into regular project files (in next commit). Provided by Karl Schultz.
2009-01-20windows: new VC8 projects statically linked against libcmtThomas Henn1-0/+238
2009-01-19windows: updated VC8 project filesThomas Henn1-5/+4
2007-04-24new VC8 project filesBrian1-0/+239