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17 hourspan/decode: Free mapped memory objects on BO unreferenceIcecream953-0/+23
18 hourspanfrost: Transaction elimination supportIcecream951-0/+3
18 hourspanfrost: Add a debug flag to disable checksummingIcecream951-1/+1
3 dayspan/bi: Iterate from zero when setting RA interferenceIcecream951-2/+2
3 dayspan/bi: Fix printing of node 0Alyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+1
3 dayspan/bi: Fix RA of node 0Alyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+1
3 dayspan/bi: Fix 64-bit SSBO addressesAlyssa Rosenzweig1-0/+3
3 dayspan/mdg: Fix spilling when scratch memory is usedIcecream951-2/+2
3 dayspan/bi: Implement packing ops between 32-bit vec1 and 16-bit vec2Icecream951-0/+2
3 dayspan/bi: Implement ihadd/irhadd operationsIcecream951-0/+8
3 dayspan/bi: Implement saturated add/sub operationsIcecream951-0/+8
3 dayspan/bi: Lower umul_highIcecream952-0/+5
3 dayspan/bi: Add w0 to the 'h01' swizzle bucketIcecream951-1/+1
3 dayspan/mdg: Allow 64-bit src_bitsize for comparison operationsIcecream951-1/+1
3 dayspan/mdg: Don't reorder loads/stores past each otherIcecream951-0/+30
3 dayspan/mdg: Limit int64 vectorizationIcecream951-1/+25
3 dayspanfrost: Assert on sysval overflowIcecream951-0/+1
3 dayspanfrost: Add a sysval for local_work_dimIcecream954-0/+5
3 dayspanfrost: Add a sysval for local_group_sizeIcecream954-0/+5
3 dayspan/bi: Use pan_nir_lower_64bit_intrinIcecream951-0/+2
3 dayspan/bi: Improve unknown intrinsic errorIcecream951-1/+2
3 dayspan/bi: Implement load_kernel_inputIcecream951-7/+13
3 dayspan/bi: Implement load/store intrinsicsIcecream951-0/+51
3 dayspan/bi: Improve interoperability of the command-line disassemblerIcecream951-2/+19
3 dayspan/bi: Set compute lowering optionsIcecream951-0/+3
3 dayspan/bi: Add some compute intrinsic loadsIcecream951-0/+17
3 dayspan/bi: Handle 64-bit pack and unpack operationsIcecream951-0/+18
3 dayspan/bi: Lower 64-bit integersIcecream952-0/+4
3 dayspan/bi: Pipe scratch_size in from NIRAlyssa Rosenzweig2-1/+2
6 dayspan/bi: Fix assertionAlyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+1
8 dayspan/bi: Fix the !immediate case in bi_emit_store_vary()Boris Brezillon1-10/+17
8 dayspanfrost: Add alpha reference to XMLAlyssa Rosenzweig1-0/+1
8 dayspanfrost: Fix panfrost_afbc_format_needs_fixup()Boris Brezillon1-1/+9
8 dayspan/bi: Implement TEXS for cube mapsAlyssa Rosenzweig1-30/+54
9 dayspanfrost: Fix size assertion in bi_alu_src_indexIcecream951-1/+1
9 dayspan/bi: Add some zero bytes after shaders on BifrostIcecream951-0/+4
9 dayspan/bi: Add a define for the Bifrost shader prefetch sizeIcecream951-0/+4
9 dayspanfrost: Fix estimate_texture_payload_size() on BifrostBoris Brezillon2-11/+19
9 dayspanfrost: Pass the resource dimension to panfrost_compression_tag()Boris Brezillon1-1/+4
9 dayspanfrost: Dual-source blending on BifrostIcecream951-5/+22
9 dayspanfrost: Make the width argument to panfrost_new_texture 32 bitsIcecream952-2/+2
10 dayspan/bi: Lower 8bit fragment outputs to 16bitBoris Brezillon1-0/+46
10 dayspan/bi: Assert immediate indices fitAlyssa Rosenzweig1-0/+1
10 dayspan/bi: Parametrize intrinsic immediate limitsAlyssa Rosenzweig1-5/+5
10 dayspan/bi: Use TEXC for indices >= 8Alyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+6
10 dayspan/bi: Implement scalar i2i8/u2u8Alyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+6
10 dayspan/bi: Allow passing thorugh 8-bit scalarsAlyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+4
10 dayspan/bi: Don't suppress Inf/NaNAlyssa Rosenzweig1-2/+0
10 dayspan/bi: Fix ATEST with pure integersAlyssa Rosenzweig1-3/+8
10 dayspan/bi: Pull out bi_dontcare helperAlyssa Rosenzweig2-1/+8