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2001-07-19Added Win32 memory debugging and fixed a few memory leaks (Gerk Huisma)Brian Paul1-1/+5
2001-04-28Support for floating point color representation in tnl module.Keith Whitwell2-40/+90
2001-04-17another fix in import_texcoord()Brian Paul1-2/+2
2001-04-17replaced ac->count with ac->count - ac->start in import_texcoord(), as in the...Brian Paul1-2/+2
2001-03-19Split driver struct into swrast/tnl/core components.Keith Whitwell1-14/+7
2001-03-17Fix cut&paste bug exposed by clipbug.c demo.Keith Whitwell1-11/+11
2001-03-12Consistent copyright info (version number, date) across all files.Gareth Hughes4-85/+85
2001-03-07fixed a bunch of g++ warnings/errors. Compiling with g++ can help find lots ...Brian Paul1-23/+23
2001-02-20Added GLvector4chan type, removed lots of CHAN_TYPE ifdefs.Keith Whitwell1-51/+15
2001-02-07Correctly calculate size for disabled texcoord arrays.Keith Whitwell1-3/+3
2001-02-04rework to correctly respect _ac_import_range()Keith Whitwell3-195/+227
2001-01-24Lots of GLchan datatype changes.Brian Paul1-22/+60
2001-01-16fixed a small error in import_color(), include m_translate.hBrian Paul1-3/+4
2000-12-28Add render stage for unclipped vb's to fx driver.Keith Whitwell1-1/+11
2000-12-26The array cache.Keith Whitwell4-0/+1189