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10 daysmesa: fix out of bounds stack access on big endianAdam Stylinski1-2/+2
11 daysmesa: Fix format transform on big endian platformsJakub Kulík1-1/+6
11 daysmesa: move component bits queries as GL ES onlyTapani Pälli2-5/+28
11 daysmesa: (more) correctly handle incomplete depth texturesMike Blumenkrantz6-22/+37
11 daysmesa: populate gl_program::ShadowSamplers mask from shader dataMike Blumenkrantz1-0/+1
11 daysmesa: remove dead parameter doc for _mesa_new_texture_object()Mike Blumenkrantz1-1/+0
2023-01-20glthread: disallow glthread if buffer uploads are unsupportedMarek Olšák6-34/+8
2023-01-20glthread: do vertex uploads if an index buffer is present for MultiDrawElementsMarek Olšák1-13/+22
2023-01-20glthread: remove the vbo_upload_ratio_too_large fallback for glMultiDrawElementsMarek Olšák1-5/+0
2023-01-20glthread: pack and name the type of glthread_vao::AttribMarek Olšák1-12/+14
2023-01-20mesa: move gl_vertex_format_user definition into glthread.hMarek Olšák2-12/+13
2023-01-20glthread: do vertex uploads if an index buffer is present for glDrawElementsMarek Olšák3-16/+24
2023-01-20glthread: change multi_draw_elements_async() to never fail due to large sizeMarek Olšák1-29/+56
2023-01-20glthread: execute glMultiDrawArrays(draw_count < 0) asynchronouslyMarek Olšák1-7/+10
2023-01-20glthread: set GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY if we fail to upload verticesMarek Olšák1-12/+28
2023-01-20glthread: set GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY if we fail to upload indicesMarek Olšák1-7/+18
2023-01-20glthread: handle GL_*_ARRAY in glEnable/DisableMarek Olšák1-0/+24
2023-01-20mesa: allow GL_UNSIGNED_INT64_ARB as vertex format for ARB_bindless_textureMarek Olšák1-5/+10
2023-01-21glthread: fix an upload buffer leakMarek Olšák3-6/+17
2023-01-19mesa/st: drop unused paramEric Engestrom1-5/+2
2023-01-19vbo: lower VBO_SAVE_BUFFER_SIZE to avoid large VRAM usagePierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer1-1/+5
2023-01-19vbo: remove bogus assertPierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer1-4/+1
2023-01-18mesa: Set info.separate_shader for ARB programsAlyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+1
2023-01-18gallium,util: Pull u_indices and u_primconvert back into galliumJason Ekstrand2-4/+4
2023-01-13mesa: Trivially advertise NV_generate_mipmap_sRGBAdam Jackson1-0/+1
2023-01-13mesa: Fix extension table formattingAdam Jackson1-1/+1
2023-01-12gallium: Add cap to request state validation for all dirty stateGert Wollny3-0/+10
2023-01-11gallium: Add image volatile/coherent flagsRob Clark1-0/+4
2023-01-11mesa/st: Track complete access qualifier for imagesRob Clark5-35/+16
2023-01-10util/driconf: add Dune: Spice Wars workaroundTimothy Arceri2-0/+8
2023-01-05vbo/save: avoid dangling_attr_ref situationPierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer1-5/+33
2023-01-05vbo: simplify current_init since VBO_ATTRIB_POS is 0Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer1-4/+2
2023-01-04mesa: set NewVertexElements when changing IsDynamicMarek Olšák1-0/+2
2023-01-02st/mesa: Fix free of non-shareable shaders on context destroyErico Nunes1-5/+5
2023-01-01glthread,gallium: add a CAP to disable glBufferSubData optimization in glthreadMarek Olšák3-0/+7
2022-12-18mesa: optimize _mesa_bytes_per_vertex_attrib using a hash-based translationMarek Olšák4-52/+80
2022-12-18mesa: compute _PipeFormat and _ElementSize after checking if the format changedMarek Olšák1-17/+39
2022-12-18mesa: move user-specified vertex format fields into gl_vertex_format_userMarek Olšák10-70/+76
2022-12-18mesa: change gl_vertex_format::Format to bool Bgra to free bitsMarek Olšák4-8/+8
2022-12-18st/mesa: simplify prepare_indexed_drawMarek Olšák1-10/+8
2022-12-18st/mesa: optimize index buffer reference counting in st_indirect_draw_vboMarek Olšák1-2/+15
2022-12-18mesa: set pipe_draw_info::index::resource directly and remove gl_boMarek Olšák7-37/+48
2022-12-18st/mesa: fold GLThread.enabled into pin_thread_counter to skip that checkingMarek Olšák2-2/+3
2022-12-18st/mesa: use u_bit_scan64 only for 64-bit CPUs in st_validate_stateMarek Olšák1-9/+18
2022-12-14st/mesa: Enable Alpha writes when writing RGB faked as RGBAKenneth Graunke5-4/+63
2022-12-12mesa: move the _mesa_set_varying_vp_inputs call to where the state changesMarek Olšák8-59/+15
2022-12-12mesa: move _DrawVAOEnabledAttribs determination into st_update_arrayMarek Olšák9-52/+83
2022-12-12mesa: inline _mesa_draw_array_bits & _mesa_draw_current_bitsMarek Olšák3-31/+5
2022-12-12mesa: don't AND with VERT_BIT_ALL because it's ~0uMarek Olšák5-6/+4
2022-12-12mesa: simplify VBO state flagging in _mesa_update_vao_stateMarek Olšák1-7/+1