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2001-09-25Fix up Windows makefiles so that the debug build leaves debugger infoKarl Schultz1-1/+1
2001-09-18clean up makefiles some more for WindowsKarl Schultz1-2/+1
2001-09-18remove carriage return charsKarl Schultz3-431/+431
2001-09-14Win32 updates (Karl Schultz)Brian Paul3-370/+508
2001-09-14replaced gets() with fgets()Brian Paul1-1/+1
2001-05-25changed #if OLD_VMS to #ifdef OLD_VMSBrian Paul1-1/+1
2001-03-22 Modified Files:Jouk Jansen1-2/+2
2001-02-09 Committing in .Jouk Jansen4-20/+57
2000-12-11minor changes to fix compile problems/warningsBrian Paul4-7/+9
2000-11-19Added GGI-style debugging harness to GGIGLUT.Jon Taylor2-208/+576
2000-11-10patched to silence compiler warnings (Martin Lindhe)Brian Paul5-9/+9
2000-08-22 Committing in .Jouk Jansen15-1/+57
2000-06-27another patch for win32 joysticksBrian Paul1-0/+4
2000-06-23applied joystick patch from Michael ChampignyBrian Paul1-13/+12
2000-05-22defined APIENTRY if undefinedBrian Paul1-0/+2
2000-03-22fixed Cygwin patch typosBrian Paul2-2/+2
2000-03-20patched for Cygwin (Sven Panne)Brian Paul6-10/+56
2000-03-01minor reformattingBrian Paul1-10/+9
2000-01-07 Committing in .Jouk Jansen1-1/+10
1999-11-27removed Mesa-ismsBrian Paul1-3/+1
1999-11-12added some braces to silence gcc warningsBrian Paul1-3/+6
1999-09-17mesa_wgl.h should only be included when _WIN32 is definedJouk Jansen1-2/+2
1999-09-17Modified to build better with Mesa wgl functionsTed Jump1-23/+16
1999-09-17Win32 build req't updatesTed Jump3-13/+13
1999-09-17updated for GL instead of MesaGLBrian Paul1-1/+2
1999-09-16initial check-inBrian Paul40-0/+25985
1999-09-15added third, tiny version number to mklib scriptsBrian Paul2-5/+10
1999-09-14Win32 fix by Eero Pajarre.Gareth Hughes1-1/+2
1999-08-24 Update after disk crashJouk Jansen1-9/+44
1999-08-24*** empty log message ***Jon Taylor1-0/+2
1999-08-22*** empty log message ***Jon Taylor1-16/+23
1999-08-21*** empty log message ***Jon Taylor2-0/+842
1999-08-19initial check-in (post crash)Brian Paul68-0/+33991