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2014-01-13glsl: Remove exec_list iterators now that nothing uses them.Kenneth Graunke2-88/+0
2014-01-13glsl: Replace iterators in ir_reader.cpp with ad-hoc list walking.Kenneth Graunke1-8/+10
2014-01-13glsl: Use a new foreach_two_lists macro for walking two lists at once.Kenneth Graunke11-78/+65
2014-01-13glsl: Statically cast parameter exec_node to ir_variable.Kenneth Graunke1-1/+1
2014-01-13glsl: Cast ir_call parameters to ir_rvalue, not ir_instruction.Kenneth Graunke4-6/+6
2014-01-13glsl: Convert piles of foreach_iter to foreach_list_safe.Kenneth Graunke12-36/+36
2014-01-13glsl: Convert piles of foreach_iter to the newer foreach_list macro.Kenneth Graunke23-120/+113
2014-01-09glsl: Index into ctx->Const.Program[] rather than using ad-hoc code.Paul Berry4-87/+17
2014-01-09mesa: replace ctx->Const.{Vertex,Fragment,Geomtery}Program with an array.Paul Berry8-109/+109
2014-01-08mesa: Namespace qualify fma to override ambiguity with fma from math.hThomas Sondergaard1-1/+1
2014-01-08mesa: Fix compile error with MSVC 2013Thomas Sondergaard1-1/+1
2014-01-08mesa: Remove _mesa_progshader_enum_to_string(), which is no longer used.Paul Berry2-32/+0
2014-01-08glsl: Make more use of gl_shader_stage enum in ir_set_program_inouts.cpp.Paul Berry2-15/+16
2014-01-08glsl: Make more use of gl_shader_stage enum in lower_clip_distance.cpp.Paul Berry1-8/+8
2014-01-08glsl: Make more use of gl_shader_stage enum in link_varyings.cpp.Paul Berry1-24/+24
2014-01-08glsl: Change _mesa_glsl_parse_state ctor to use gl_shader_stage enum.Paul Berry5-11/+9
2014-01-08mesa: Use gl_shader::Stage instead of gl_shader::Type where possible.Paul Berry6-25/+25
2014-01-08mesa: Store gl_shader_stage enum in gl_shader objects.Paul Berry4-0/+4
2014-01-08glsl: make _mesa_shader_stage_to_string() available to non-C++ code.Paul Berry1-8/+7
2014-01-08mesa: Clean up nomenclature for pipeline stages.Paul Berry17-148/+148
2014-01-07glsl: Optimize pow(2, x) --> exp2(x).Kenneth Graunke1-0/+11
2014-01-07glsl: Refactor is_zero/one/negative_one into an is_value() method.Kenneth Graunke2-68/+23
2014-01-07glsl: Optimize pow(1.0, X) --> 1.0.Kenneth Graunke1-0/+6
2014-01-06glsl: rename min(), max() functions to fix MSVC buildBrian Paul3-7/+7
2014-01-06mesa: enable AMD_shader_trinary_minmaxMaxence Le Doré1-1/+1
2014-01-06glsl: implement mid3 built-in functionMaxence Le Doré1-0/+38
2014-01-06glsl: implement max3 built-in functionMaxence Le Doré1-0/+38
2014-01-06glsl: Implement min3 built-in functionMaxence Le Doré1-0/+38
2014-01-06glsl: add min() and max() functions to builder.cppMaxence Le Doré2-0/+13
2014-01-06glsl: add a shader_trinary_minmax predicateMaxence Le Doré1-0/+6
2014-01-06glsl: Add extension tracking for AMD_shader_trinary_minmaxMaxence Le Doré3-0/+6
2014-01-02glcpp: error on multiple #else/#elif directivesErik Faye-Lund6-1/+51
2014-01-02glcpp: Replace multi-line comment with a space (even as part of macro definit...Carl Worth8-9/+48
2014-01-02glcpp: Add a more descriptive comment for the SKIP state manipulationCarl Worth1-5/+36
2013-12-30glsl: Fix gl_type of usamplerCube built-in type.Paul Berry1-1/+1
2013-12-30mesa: Improve static error checking of arrays sized by MESA_SHADER_TYPES.Paul Berry2-7/+14
2013-12-30glsl: Remove extraneous shader_type argument from analyze_clip_usage().Paul Berry1-4/+5
2013-12-30glsl: Get rid of hardcoded arrays of shader target names.Paul Berry2-15/+9
2013-12-30Rename overloads of _mesa_glsl_shader_target_name().Paul Berry5-30/+30
2013-12-20Report that no function found if signature lookup is emptyKevin Rogovin1-9/+16
2013-12-20Use line number information from entire function expressionKevin Rogovin1-1/+1
2013-12-17glsl: Replace _mesa_glsl_parser_targets enum with gl_shader_type.Paul Berry6-81/+75
2013-12-17glsl: Don't return bad values from _mesa_shader_type_to_index.Paul Berry1-1/+1
2013-12-14glsl: add gl_SampleMaskIn[] builtinChris Forbes1-0/+4
2013-12-12glsl: modify ir_clone to use memcpyTapani Pälli1-20/+3
2013-12-12glsl: move variables in to ir_variable::data, part IITapani Pälli22-357/+366
2013-12-12glsl: move variables in to ir_variable::data, part ITapani Pälli36-272/+273
2013-12-12glsl: introduce data section to ir_variableTapani Pälli17-73/+81
2013-12-09glsl/loops: Get rid of lower_bounded_loops and ir_loop::normative_bound.Paul Berry40-195/+35
2013-12-09glsl/loops: Stop creating normatively bound loops in loop_controls.Paul Berry3-20/+41