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2015-10-17radeonsi: unify shader delete functionsMarek Olšák1-67/+17
2015-10-17radeonsi: fix a GS copy shader leakMarek Olšák1-1/+3
2015-10-17radeonsi: remove an unused ctx parameter in si_shader_destroyMarek Olšák4-6/+6
2015-10-17radeonsi: print export_prim_id from the shader keyMarek Olšák1-0/+2
2015-10-17radeonsi: disable NaNs for LS and HSMarek Olšák1-2/+4
2015-10-17radeonsi: clean up si_llvm_init_export_argsMarek Olšák1-42/+35
2015-10-17tgsi: move pipe_shader_from_tgsi_processor function to utilMarek Olšák2-24/+24
2015-10-17gallium/hud: fix possible NULL pointer dereferenceMarek Olšák1-0/+3
2015-10-17scons: fix MSVC, MinGW buildBrian Paul4-2/+21
2015-10-17nvc0: add support for performance monitoring metrics on FermiSamuel Pitoiset4-3/+500
2015-10-16glsl: (mostly) remove libglsl_utilRob Clark4-5/+1
2015-10-16nir: remove dependency on glslRob Clark2-0/+6
2015-10-16tgsi: initialize ctx.file in tgsi_dump_instruction()Brian Paul1-0/+1
2015-10-16nvc0: add a note about MP counters on GF100/GF110Samuel Pitoiset1-0/+5
2015-10-16nvc0: add MP counters variants for GF100/GF110Samuel Pitoiset2-77/+483
2015-10-16nvc0: move SW/HW queries info to their respective filesSamuel Pitoiset7-178/+228
2015-10-16nvc0: enable compute support by default on FermiSamuel Pitoiset2-8/+2
2015-10-16nvc0: allow only one active query for the MP counters groupSamuel Pitoiset1-11/+9
2015-10-16nvc0: read MP counters of all GPCs on FermiSamuel Pitoiset1-1/+1
2015-10-16nvc0: store the number of GPCs to nvc0_screenSamuel Pitoiset2-0/+2
2015-10-16nvc0: fix unaligned mem access when reading MP counters on FermiSamuel Pitoiset1-6/+12
2015-10-16nvc0: fix monitoring multiple MP counters queries on FermiSamuel Pitoiset1-76/+87
2015-10-16nvc0: fix queries which use multiple MP counters on FermiSamuel Pitoiset1-47/+81
2015-10-16nvc0: allow to use 8 MP counters on FermiSamuel Pitoiset2-19/+13
2015-10-16nvc0: fix sequence field init for MP counters on FermiSamuel Pitoiset1-2/+4
2015-10-16nvc0: correctly enable the MP counters' multiplexer on FermiSamuel Pitoiset1-4/+1
2015-10-16nvc0: rip off the kepler MP-enabling logic from the Fermi codepathSamuel Pitoiset1-7/+1
2015-10-16nvc0: split out begin_query() hook used by MP countersSamuel Pitoiset1-24/+84
2015-10-16nvc0: remove useless call to query_get_cfg() in nvc0_hw_sm_query_end()Samuel Pitoiset1-3/+1
2015-10-16svga: only count hardware buffer mappings for HUDBrian Paul2-1/+3
2015-10-16svga: add new GALLIUM_HUD queriesNeha Bhende16-38/+196
2015-10-16svga: use new svga_new_shader_variant() functionBrian Paul4-2/+12
2015-10-16svga: pass context to svga_tgsi_vgpu9_translate()Brian Paul4-4/+8
2015-10-16svga: remove svga_tgsi_vgpu9_translate() call in GS pathBrian Paul1-7/+3
2015-10-15freedreno: add debug option to dirty state after drawRob Clark3-2/+7
2015-10-15freedreno/a3xx: cache-flush is needed after MEM_WRITERob Clark3-5/+14
2015-10-15gallium/util: fix debug_get_flags_option on 32-bit harderRob Clark1-3/+3
2015-10-15nv30: include the header of ffs prototypeChih-Wei Huang1-0/+1
2015-10-15nv50/ir: use C++11 standard std::unordered_map if possibleChih-Wei Huang1-3/+17
2015-10-13r600/vce: enable VCE for trinity/richlandChristian König1-1/+21
2015-10-13r600/uvd: disable UVD tiling by defaultChristian König1-3/+5
2015-10-13r600g: Enable GL_ARB_gpu_shader5 extensionGlenn Kennard1-1/+1
2015-10-13r600g/sb: SB support for UBO indexingGlenn Kennard11-27/+140
2015-10-13r600g/sb: Support gs5 sampler indexing (v2)Glenn Kennard9-25/+195
2015-10-12nouveau: avoid double-emitting fenceIlia Mirkin1-1/+5
2015-10-12u_vbuf: fix vb slot assignment for translated buffersNicolai Hähnle1-0/+1
2015-10-12ilo: improve Gen8 defines based on its PRMsChia-I Wu13-121/+399
2015-10-11nv50,nvc0: don't base decisions on available pushbuf spaceIlia Mirkin3-35/+10
2015-10-11nouveau: avoid emitting new fences unnecessarilyIlia Mirkin1-3/+9
2015-10-10nvc0: make use of NVC0_COMPUTE_CLASS for GF110Samuel Pitoiset1-5/+2