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2022-10-19docs: Remove graw related wordsYonggang Luo1-3/+0
2022-06-28pytracediff: implement pager ('less') invocation internallyMatti Hamalainen1-101/+135
2022-06-28pytracediff: change how 'junk' calls are handledMatti Hamalainen2-9/+21
2022-06-28pytracediff: make -M ("method only") option print arguments for differing callsMatti Hamalainen1-6/+19
2022-06-28pytracediff: add per-line difference highlighting for blocksMatti Hamalainen1-6/+24
2022-06-28gallium/tools: reimplement tracediff completely in PythonMatti Hamalainen2-2/+443
2022-06-28gallium/tools: add option for ignoring junk calls in trace dumperMatti Hamalainen4-47/+81
2022-06-28trace: Bring state dump up to speed.Jose Fonseca1-87/+144
2022-06-28trace: Parse character data more efficiently.Jose Fonseca1-5/+6
2022-06-20gallium/tools: fixes to option handlingMatti Hamalainen3-3/+50
2021-06-21gallium/tools: improve handling of pointer arraysMatti Hamalainen1-2/+5
2021-05-07gallium/tools: add option to use Meld for diffingMatti Hamalainen1-13/+26
2021-05-07gallium/tools: improve pointer type tracking in parse.pyMatti Hamalainen1-5/+20
2021-05-07gallium/tools: implement "high-level" overview mode option in dump scriptsMatti Hamalainen3-13/+21
2021-05-07gallium/tools: improve argument handlingMatti Hamalainen1-41/+102
2021-05-07gallium/tools: use left-column output mode of sdiff in tracediff.shMatti Hamalainen1-0/+1
2021-05-07gallium/tools: implement 'named' pointers option in dump.pyMatti Hamalainen3-38/+85
2021-05-07gallium/tools: implement better suppression of variantsMatti Hamalainen3-8/+12
2021-05-07gallium/tools: improve option handling in dump_state.pyMatti Hamalainen3-7/+11
2021-05-07gallium/tools: clean up a bitMatti Hamalainen1-19/+49
2021-04-10gallium/tools: update trace scripts to Python 3Matti Hamalainen7-76/+81
2020-05-13gallium: change comments to remove 'state tracker'Marek Olšák1-2/+2
2018-06-04trace: Fix parsing of recent traces.Jose Fonseca1-5/+26
2017-03-10gallium/tools: use correct shebang for python scriptsEmil Velikov6-6/+6
2017-03-10gallium/tools: do not hardcode bash locationEmil Velikov1-1/+1
2014-07-01gallium: add an index argument to create_queryIlia Mirkin1-1/+1
2014-03-07gallium: allow setting of the internal stream output offsetZack Rusin1-2/+2
2014-02-05tools/trace: Handle index buffer overflow gracefully.José Fonseca1-1/+4
2014-01-17s/Tungsten Graphics/VMware/José Fonseca4-8/+8
2013-12-05tools/trace: More tweaks to state dumping.José Fonseca1-3/+12
2013-11-15tools/trace: Several bugfixes/improvements to dump_state.pyJosé Fonseca1-9/+49
2013-10-23gallium: new, unified pipe_context::set_sampler_views() functionBrian Paul1-11/+3
2013-10-03gallium/tools: update to use bind_sampler_states()Brian Paul1-8/+3
2013-09-20tools/trace: Simple script to compare two traces.José Fonseca1-0/+66
2013-09-12trace: Several enhancements to dump_state.pyJosé Fonseca1-18/+112
2013-07-01tools/trace: Return dummy fence object to silence warnings.José Fonseca1-1/+2
2013-07-01tools/trace: Don't crash if a trace has no timing information.José Fonseca2-3/+4
2013-06-24tools/trace: Fix syntax.José Fonseca1-1/+1
2013-06-22tools/trace: Several tweaks/fixes to dump_stateJosé Fonseca1-9/+29
2013-06-21tools/trace: Quick instructions/notes.José Fonseca2-0/+48
2013-06-21tools/trace: Do a better job at comparing multi line strings.José Fonseca1-1/+34
2013-06-21tools/trace: Tool to compare json state dumps.José Fonseca1-0/+324
2013-06-21tools/trace: Tool to dump gallium state at any draw call.José Fonseca2-2/+635
2013-06-21tools/trace: Defer blob hex-decoding.José Fonseca2-9/+27
2013-02-01trace: measure time for each gallium callBrian Paul2-3/+15
2012-10-26tools/trace: More helpful message when no args are provided.José Fonseca1-13/+13
2011-09-29tools/trace: Dump NULL literally.José Fonseca1-0/+4
2011-04-06st/python: Remove bindings, and all its dependencies.José Fonseca4-0/+813