path: root/src/gallium/drivers/nouveau/codegen/nv50_ir_emit_gk110.cpp
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2021-01-21nvc0/ir: add fixup to deal with interpolateAtSample with non-MSAAIlia Mirkin1-3/+12
2020-08-25nv50/ir: Add nv50_ir_prog_info_out serialize and deserializeMark Menzynski1-7/+7
2018-07-07nvc0/ir: use the combined tid special registerRhys Perry1-0/+1
2018-04-24nvc0/ir: all short immediates are sign-extended, adjust LIMM testIlia Mirkin1-3/+7
2017-04-13nvc0/ir: Add SV_LANEMASK_* system values.Boyan Ding1-0/+5
2017-04-13nvc0/ir: Allow 0/1 immediate value as source of OP_VOTEBoyan Ding1-4/+20
2017-04-13gk110/ir: Emit OP_SHFLBoyan Ding1-0/+56
2017-03-31gk110/ir: add LIMM form of madKarol Herbst1-17/+33
2017-02-09nvc0/ir: make it possible to have the flags def in def0Ilia Mirkin1-3/+3
2017-02-09nvc0/ir: add a "high" subop for shifts, emit shf.l/shf.r for 64-bitIlia Mirkin1-1/+23
2017-02-09nvc0/ir: fix SET and SLCT emissionIlia Mirkin1-0/+4
2017-02-09nvc0/ir: add support for emitting partial min/max ops for int64Ilia Mirkin1-0/+3
2016-10-27nvc0/ir: fix emission of IMAD with NEG modifiersSamuel Pitoiset1-1/+1
2016-10-26nvc0/ir: fix emission of SHLADD with NEG modifiersSamuel Pitoiset1-1/+1
2016-10-22nvc0/ir: remove outdated comment about SHLADDSamuel Pitoiset1-1/+0
2016-09-29nvc0/ir: add emission for SHLADDSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+52
2016-09-18gk110/ir: fix wrong emission of OP_NOTSamuel Pitoiset1-1/+1
2016-09-04gk110/ir: fix quadop dall emissionIlia Mirkin1-2/+2
2016-08-30nv50/ir: always emit the NDV bit for OP_QUADOPSamuel Pitoiset1-4/+1
2016-06-06nvc0: add support for VOTE tgsi opcodesIlia Mirkin1-4/+19
2016-05-28gk110/ir: fix unspilling of predicates from registersIlia Mirkin1-0/+28
2016-05-26nvc0/ir: handle a load's reg result not being used for locked variantsIlia Mirkin1-3/+17
2016-05-11nvc0: fix gl_SampleMaskIn computationIlia Mirkin1-0/+14
2016-05-11nv50/ir: generalize interp fixups to be able to fixup anythingIlia Mirkin1-4/+3
2016-04-26gk110/ir: add emission for VSHLSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+58
2016-04-26gk110/ir: add emission for OP_SUEAU, OP_SUBFM and OP_SUCLAMPSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+87
2016-04-26gk110/ir: add emission for OP_SULDB and OP_SUSTxSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+155
2016-04-26gk110/ir: add emission for OP_MADSPSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+23
2016-04-26gk110/ir: add emission for OP_PERMTSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+12
2016-04-26gk110/ir: add emission for (a OP b) OP cSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+26
2016-04-20gk110/ir: make use of IMUL32I for all immediatesSamuel Pitoiset1-1/+1
2016-04-20gk110/ir: do not overwrite def value with zero for EXCH opsSamuel Pitoiset1-6/+15
2016-03-21nouveau: codegen: gk110: Make emitSTORE offset handling identical to emitLOADHans de Goede1-3/+1
2016-03-07gk110/ir: add missing src predicate emission for BAR.REDSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+8
2016-03-07gk110/ir: allow to emit immediates for BARSamuel Pitoiset1-2/+21
2016-03-07gk110/ir: fix wrong emission of BAR.SYNCSamuel Pitoiset1-1/+0
2016-03-02gk110/ir: fix wrong emission of NOT modifier for VOTESamuel Pitoiset1-1/+1
2016-02-28nv50/ir: emit VOTE instructionSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+23
2016-02-28gk110/ir: add ld lock/st unlock emissionSamuel Pitoiset1-2/+28
2016-02-22nv50/ir: restore OP_SELP to be a regular instructionSamuel Pitoiset1-4/+4
2016-02-21nv50/ir: make OP_SELP a compare instructionSamuel Pitoiset1-4/+8
2016-02-16nv50/ir: fix quadop emission in the presence of predicationIlia Mirkin1-1/+1
2016-02-05nvc0/ir: fix converting between predicate and gprIlia Mirkin1-1/+7
2016-01-20gk110/ir: allow carry to be set/read by imadIlia Mirkin1-0/+4
2016-01-20gk110/ir: fix double-wide vm addressIlia Mirkin1-0/+4
2016-01-20gk110/ir: add OP_CCTL handlingIlia Mirkin1-0/+35
2016-01-20gk110/ir: add atomic op emission, fix gmem loadsIlia Mirkin1-5/+65
2016-01-20gk110/ir: fix load from shared memoryIlia Mirkin1-1/+1
2016-01-20gk110/ir: add partial BAR supportIlia Mirkin1-2/+18
2015-12-07gk110/ir: fix imad sat/hi flag emission for immediate argsIlia Mirkin1-8/+3