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2002-10-17Put back the include of windows.h so we are back to version 17 of the file.Karl Schultz1-0/+5
2002-10-17Change for Windows only: Make demos and examples build again.Karl Schultz2-6/+14
2002-10-14disable wsPriv field in __GLdrawablePrivateRec to match XFree86/DRIBrian Paul1-0/+2
2002-10-14added missing GLX_TRANSPARENT_RGBBrian Paul1-2/+3
2002-10-09disable wscx field in __GLimportsRec to be consistant with XFree86Brian Paul1-0/+5
2002-10-08GLX_NV_vertex_array_range and GLX_MESA_agp_offset extensionsBrian Paul1-11/+33
2002-10-05added XMesaCreatePBuffer()Brian Paul1-3/+13
2002-09-21merge updates from 4.0.4Brian Paul1-1/+40
2002-09-19Updated BeOS support (Philippe Houdoin)Brian Paul1-4/+9
2002-09-06removed glext.h fix-ups corrected in glext.h version 17Brian Paul1-17/+1
2002-09-06version 17Brian Paul1-24/+385
2002-08-29fix up stuff accidentaly checked in a few days agoBrian Paul1-107/+231
2002-08-27define GLAPIENTRY and GLAPI if not defined in gl.hBrian Paul1-0/+8
2002-08-22added glXAllocate/FreeMemoryNV()Brian Paul3-325/+285
2002-08-17added glutGetProcAddress()Brian Paul1-1/+6
2002-06-10GGI driver updates (Filip Spacek)Brian Paul1-18/+44
2002-06-07version 15 of glext.hBrian Paul1-65/+69
2002-05-27removed experiemental GL_MESA_sprite_point extensionBrian Paul1-12/+1
2002-04-23Fix up alpha buffer handling for Windows.Karl Schultz1-4/+17
2002-04-12version 13 of glext.h - fixes GL_EXT_texture_env_dot3 token valuesBrian Paul1-4/+27
2002-04-04added OSMesaGetProcAddress()Brian Paul1-4/+13
2002-04-01DOS driver updateBrian Paul1-1/+5
2002-03-23latest extension headers from SGIBrian Paul2-232/+490
2002-03-20removed glSamplePass()Brian Paul1-3/+1
2002-03-16added XMesaResizeBuffers()Brian Paul1-3/+12
2002-02-25use official enum values for GL_ARB_depth_texture and GL_ARB_shadowBrian Paul1-11/+11
2002-02-23DOS updates from Daniel BorcaBrian Paul1-7/+7
2002-02-15added new depth_texture/shadow tokens (temporary)Brian Paul1-2/+3
2002-02-12Daniel Borca's new DOS/DJGPP driver.Brian Paul1-0/+73
2002-01-18updated gl_mangle.h (Ray Tice)Brian Paul1-7/+3
2002-01-16new gl_mangle.h with korn shell script to regenerate itself from gl.h and gle...Brian Paul1-728/+1043
2001-12-14oops, wrong value for GLX_SAMPLESBrian Paul1-2/+2
2001-12-14added GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS, GLX_SAMPLESBrian Paul1-4/+4
2001-12-13Added missing entry pointsKarl Schultz1-33/+45
2001-12-05added enums for GL_ARB_depth_texture/shadow/shadow_ambient (temporary)Brian Paul1-20/+38
2001-11-19added test implementation of GL_ARB_window_posBrian Paul1-2/+41
2001-11-18added missing const to glXGetContextIDEXT() prototypeBrian Paul1-1/+1
2001-11-09fix typedef problem found with MSDev 6.0Brian Paul1-4/+4
2001-11-09added GLX 1.4 function manglersBrian Paul1-21/+6
2001-11-09added 1.3 function manglersBrian Paul1-2/+50
2001-11-09define GL_VERSION_1_3 (doh!)Brian Paul1-2/+2
2001-10-17updated extensionsBrian Paul2-98/+1440
2001-09-24removed duplicate GLX_AUX_BUFFERS_BIT definitionBrian Paul1-2/+1
2001-09-23bump versions to 4.0Brian Paul7-26/+26
2001-09-21Add GLAPIENTRY to typedef for callback functions (used by tessellator).Karl Schultz1-1/+1
2001-09-21added __glCoreCreateContext and __glCoreNopDispatchBrian Paul1-1/+7
2001-09-20add the same conditional mangling stuff that gl.h has.Karl Schultz1-0/+4
2001-09-20add mangling for new entry pointsKarl Schultz1-1/+10
2001-09-20Change UnProject4 prototype to use nearVal and farVal instead of nearKarl Schultz1-1/+1