AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
3 daysv3dv: add a cl_advance_and_end helperIago Toral Quiroga1-4/+9
5 daysv3dv: ensure we allocate at least the requested space for a CLIago Toral Quiroga1-1/+4
6 daysv3dv: increase BO allocation size when growing CLsIago Toral Quiroga1-0/+5
6 daysv3dv: drop unused field from v3dv_cmd_bufferIago Toral Quiroga2-7/+0
7 daysv3dv: use common code for descriptor update templateThomas H.P. Andersen2-104/+3
10 daysv3dv: remove unused clamp_to_transparent_black_border propertyMaíra Canal2-16/+0
11 daysv3dv: enable shaderStorageImageReadWithoutFormatAlejandro Piñeiro3-4/+14
11 daysbroadcom/compiler: v3d_nir_lower_txf_ms doesn't need v3d_compileAlejandro Piñeiro3-3/+3
11 daysv3d: expose more drm formats with SAND128 modifierEmperorPenguin181-7/+28
13 daysv3dv: skip two ycbcr testsAlejandro Piñeiro1-0/+5
13 daysv3dv: add support for multi-planar formats, enable YCbCrElla Stanforth21-478/+1306
13 daysv3dv/image: use 64-byte alingment for linear images if neededAlejandro Piñeiro1-1/+11
13 daysv3dv: pass alignment to v3dv_buffer_initAlejandro Piñeiro3-7/+10
13 daysv3dv/pipeline: rename lower_tex_src_to_offset to lower_tex_srcAlejandro Piñeiro1-7/+7
13 daysv3dv/format: remove unused v3dv_get_tex_return_sizeAlejandro Piñeiro2-17/+0
13 daysv3dv: add paths to handle partial copies of linear imagesIago Toral Quiroga3-7/+132
13 daysvulkan/wsi: check if image info was already freedAlejandro Piñeiro1-4/+16
2023-01-11v3dv: expose VK_KHR_shader_integer_dot_productIago Toral Quiroga3-1/+34
2023-01-11v3d/compiler: remove unused sample_coverage field from fs key.Iago Toral Quiroga4-12/+2
2023-01-11v3dv: fix alpha-to-one for single sample setupIago Toral Quiroga1-2/+4
2023-01-11v3d: add a debug option to optimize shader compile timesIago Toral Quiroga3-1/+5
2023-01-05v3dv: initialize fd variable for proper error handlingMaíra Canal1-1/+1
2022-12-25v3d: Fix race condition in BO importsAsahi Lina1-2/+12
2022-12-16v3dv: be more careful when restoring dirty state after meta operationsIago Toral Quiroga6-25/+12
2022-12-16v3dv: pipeline creation feedback may not request all stagesIago Toral Quiroga1-2/+4
2022-12-16v3dv: honor render area in subpass resolve fallbackIago Toral Quiroga1-3/+5
2022-12-16v3dv: handle depth/stencil resolves we can't implement via TLBIago Toral Quiroga1-37/+65
2022-12-16v3dv: don't resolve by averaging samples on depth/stencil resolvesIago Toral Quiroga1-1/+4
2022-12-16v3dv: always store/restore attachment state during meta operationsIago Toral Quiroga1-29/+41
2022-12-14v3dv: skip some invalid testsEric Engestrom1-0/+6
2022-12-09v3dv: Delete VK_KHR_device_group provided entrypointsRebecca Mckeever3-36/+4
2022-12-01v3dv: fix job serialization for single sync pathIago Toral Quiroga1-3/+55
2022-12-01v3dv: make single-sync paths more explicitIago Toral Quiroga1-33/+35
2022-11-30v3dv: pre-allocate actual events instead of event descriptorsIago Toral Quiroga2-53/+42
2022-11-25v3dv: allocate copy query pipelines lazilyIago Toral Quiroga1-29/+23
2022-11-24v3dv: specialize query copy pipelinesIago Toral Quiroga2-56/+84
2022-11-24v3dv: allocate one BO for both occlusion results and availabilityIago Toral Quiroga2-160/+110
2022-11-24v3dv: reimplement occlusion queriesIago Toral Quiroga6-226/+1379
2022-11-24v3dv: add a helper to create compute pipelines from nirIago Toral Quiroga3-36/+42
2022-11-24v3dv: reset pending cpu job state once processedIago Toral Quiroga1-0/+1
2022-11-23v3dv: drop wayland-protocols depSimon Ser1-1/+1
2022-11-22ci/vc4,v3d: Add headless wayland testing using weston.Emma Anholt5-3/+71
2022-11-22v3d: make format/modifier logic easier to readEric Engestrom1-7/+11
2022-11-21v3dv: fix multiple typosMaíra Canal9-22/+22
2022-11-21v3d: Minor fixes on sand8 blit based on sand30 modificationsJose Maria Casanova Crespo1-12/+20
2022-11-21v3d: Also expose DRM_FORMAT_MOD_BROADCOM_SAND128 with PIPE_FORMAT_P030Jose Maria Casanova Crespo1-4/+19
2022-11-21v3d: Blit for P030 format with BROADCOM_SAND128 modifier to P010 UIFJose Maria Casanova Crespo3-0/+333
2022-11-20v3d(v): account for debug flags when using the cacheEric Engestrom2-2/+2
2022-11-19asahi: Add batch tracking logicAlyssa Rosenzweig4-138/+315
2022-11-14v3dv/bo: reset bo and then call gem closeAlejandro Piñeiro1-7/+12